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Another exciting thing that happened while I was away is that Cashcrate finally implemented the Direct Deposit payment option! Now instead of getting checks, you can choose to have the money you make on Cashcrate go straight into your bank account! This should also be great news to all the members/non members that had a problem of Cashcrate not paying by PayPal before!

Now don’t get me wrong, checks are still available for those that choose to receive them, but I’m definitely loving this new Direct Deposit option because I absolutely hate making the trip to the bank. Yes, I’m lazy. You should have figured that much by now.

So anyway, here are the basics about this new option.

- It’s available to Silver+ members. (To be a silver member you must get 50 active referrals. It’s easier than it sounds… really.)

- You simply need to enter your Direct Deposit information through the secure server and at the end of the month (starting next month, August, which is July’s earnings), Cashcrate will send your money directly into your bank account!

I’m sure a lot of you reading have the same questions.

“Hey I’m already skeptical about joining Cashcrate, now they need my bank account info for me to get paid?”

Well let me address this concern. Here’s what was posted by Patrick, who is an Administrator on the Cashcrate forums:

- We will be enabling HTTPS on our load balancers in preparation for the launch of direct deposit payments, which launches tomorrow. This is the “lock” you see when visiting a secure web site. We will be using full 256-bit encryption – same or better than your bank (my bank is 128-bit!) which will protect your sensitive account information. Once submitted, it is encrypted and stored in our systems using 1024-bit asymmetrical encryption – ensuring your account information is safe. These are industry-standard practices used by all major banks, credit unions, credit card companies, etc.

Initially, this security will only apply to the page where you submit your direct deposit information, since that is the only page that needs to be secured. This is the only page where your direct deposit information is transferred, so it is the only page that needs to have security applied.

Now I don’t understand a bit of that but it sounds like it would make sense. Also, I trust Cashcrate with my info because I have gotten paid from them every single month since I’ve signed up. For you who might be a skeptic and now looking to sign up, you might not be as trusting.

Well just remember, the check option is actually still there too! So if you’re worried about your bank account information being on Cashcrate, just select check as your payment method and you’ll get your money in the mail the good ole fashion way! :)

If anyone has any other questions about this, please comment and I’ll gladly answer them, or try to find the answers if I don’t know them myself. :)

This is just another asset that makes Cashcrate one of the best GPT sites in the industry!

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Reanna R

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6 Responses to “Cashcrate now offers Direct Deposit as a Payment Method!”

  1. Mkcoy

    Well I was just going to comment your last post about your holiday and you winning that jackpot on dealbarbie and when I refresh the page you have a new post. You are a fast worker lol

    This is good about direct payments. The SSL encyption is standard. But it's good about direct payment because I'm in the UK so my bank charges me a conversion fee and I have to wait to get it through the post and then the bank clearing time etc etc so it's a good thing I'm glad about. Only found out through this post as well lol

    Hope you had a nice holiday btw sis :)


  2. Mkcoy

    Congrats and glad you had a nice holiday. It's back to the grinding mill for you now girl!! haha :p

  3. TriNi


    Yes.. it's back to the grind for me LOL. so many things happen that I usually have a few backed up posts. I write little stickies on my desk so I won't forget to post about it. I thought the CC Direct Deposit thing deserved a whole new post that's why I didn't include it in the update below!

    Thanks for stopping by and yes I love the new DD option too. I'm pretty lazy and I hate going to the bank to deposit my check.

    Keep in touch :)

  4. Tony

    Great information. Thanks fo rthe heads up!

  5. Helen Hunt

    It is very nice that you blogged about their decision to start paying through direct debit. But I still think things would be better and easier if payments were made through Paypal.

    That's my opinion, not sure what others think.

    Great post BTW :)

  6. TriNi

    @ Tony

    You're welcome!

    @ Helen Hunt

    Yes I agree as well! But a few people had to screw it up for the rest of us by committing fraud when they tried using Paypal. I hope they can find a way around it somehow and bring it back in the future. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

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