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dealbarbiepays sold, new owner, barbara, not a scamDeal Barbie Pays is one of the sites that has gone through some transitions ever since I first started. It was first owned by Christina, who did a fabulous job of running the site. Any one of her members will agree with me. However, due to her personal reasons, she sold the site last year to Dan.

Now, after 8 months, Dan has decided that he doesn’t have enough time to devote to the site and run it the way Christina use to, so he has decided to sell to another popular owner in the GPT industry, Barbara. She officially took over the site as of today, March 1st, 2010.

Barbara currently owns another GPT site, and from what I’ve heard, she does a great job. That site has been around since 2006, which is four years ago, so she is very experienced and capable of running a site. I can only expect that she would do the same for Deal Barbie Pays. In fact, being that I’m the moderator on the Deal Barbie Forum, I’ve been in contact with her already about a few changes she would make to the site and it sounds very exciting!

For one, there will definitely be more contests and promotions than there were in the past few months. That means a bigger chance to earn/win extra cash for completing offers. Contests for March have already been set up, and if you visit the forum, you’ll find them.

Another exciting thing she mentioned to me, was that she would be giving me about $10 or so in random valued cash Promo Codes. Each code will be valid for a one time use ONLY and I have decided that they will be placed randomly throughout the forum. So if you’d like a chance at getting some extra cash in your Deal Barbie Pays account, be sure to join and participate on the forum!

One change that she regrets having to make, is that payments will no longer be instant via Paypal. They now go back to being Net 35, but she has assured me that Net 35 is just a safety phrase and they’re usually done much earlier than then. In fact, when Christina owned the site, payments WERE Net 35 and it was still a fabulous site! For those that don’t know, Net 35 means if you cash out a certain day of a certain month, your payment will be sent approximately 35 days after the last day of that month. Actually, this is the schedule that most sites run on, where payments are done once a month. I have even had a little talk with her about this change, and she said that when things got settled down a bit, she would definitely look into bringing back the Instant Paypal Payments.

Now there has been a lot of controversy about this site ever since Christina sold. Some have even went so far as to say Deal Barbie Pays is a scam. But I assure you it is NOT! I have been paid every month religiously, ever since I’ve been a member, and in fact, here is my most recent payment from Deal Barbie Pays.

dealbarbiepays payment, barbara, not a scam

This is my 13th payment from Deal Barbie Pays, and it brings my total earnings online to $5503.12!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

8 Responses to “DealBarbiePays Sold Again – But Still A Great Site To Make Money Online!”

  1. ebele

    You know and I know that many a site have gone completely downhill for one reason or another. And so I think it's definitely to DealBarbiePays' credit that it's managed to stay afloat amidst the changes it's gone through.

  2. Heather D

    HI Trini,
    DBP was the first GPT site I ever used and I made several hundred dollars there. Christina was and still is a great person. Barbara is also fantastic, and I am sure you will enjoy her as the new DBP owner. I belong to another of her sites and have always been paid on time, usually early!

  3. TriNi


    Yes, the site has definitely had it's fair share of ups and downs so it does say alot that it's still standing.

    @ Heather D

    Thanks so much for your contribution. I really appreciate it. I'm happy Barbara has such a good reputation as an owner and I'm sure she'll do good for the site. :)

  4. Anonymous

    Wow! Lots of legit, money making programs here. Great job! ;)

  5. Callie

    Keep up the good work Trini … I was like wow when I saw your $5K+ total! ;)

  6. TriNi

    @anonymous and callie

    Thank you both!

  7. Lisa

    awesome site, thanks for the info.

  8. TriNi

    @ Lisa, you're welcome!

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