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cashcrate games redeem points for cool prizes online free Cashcrate is in the process of re-launching their Games section where members can play cool fun games and win points that they can redeem for great prizes!

If you read my blog often you’d remember when I talked about that Victoria Secret’s Giftcard that I received by redeeming my points! I didn’t get those points by playing the games but from doing offers. However with the new Cashcrate Games, you will be able to rake up those points easier, faster, and have way more fun doing it!

I have been a tester for these games and let me tell you, they are super fun! Here are some of the games that are already added, and I’m sure as time goes by, there will be more fun games to play and win points from.

Daily Snake Fish Feeding Frenzy – Similar to the popular Snake game. Eat the fish as quickly as possible to get points. You’re tail grows longer and longer as you do. If you hit a wall or your own tail you receive a 25 point penalty and must start over.

Super Toader – Your job is to get Toady across the busy street and the river, safely to the lilypads. The faster you get there the more points you get. Watch out for the alligators and snakes along the way. When the red toad comes out you should try to reach her. She will give you a 1000 point bonus.

Golf Solitaire – The object is to have as few cards left as possible. To begin, click on the tee box card, then select cards from the stacks that are one card higher or one card lower than the top card in the discard pile.You can only select the top card on any column. You have 9 holes to get the lowest round possible.

Crates, Crates, Crates! – The object is to clear as many Crates as possible. You can only click on Crates that have a matching Crate either on top, bottom, right or left of it. Click on it once to activate. Click again to remove them. The Crates will fall to the bottom and shift to the left. If you clear all of the Crates in the time allowed you will receive a 1,000 point bonus.You will get greater points for clearing larger groups of Crates. Points are awarded like this:
The number of Crates cleared squared.
This means if you clear 2 Crates you get 4 points, if you clear 3 Crates you get 9 points and so on.

TriPeaks / Big Peaks! – The object of the game is to get all of the cards in the pyramids down to the discard pile. To move a card down click on the card that is one higher or one lower than the top card on the discard pile. You can lay a KING on an ACE and an ACE on a KING. If there is no card to remove from the pyramid, click on the top card on the draw pile. If you clear all cards from the pyramids you will advance to the next level. The game is over if you cannot clear all cards from the pyramids when the deck runs out. You can use the space bar or “B” key to flip cards.
You will receive the points on the points slider for each card your clear. You will receive bonus points for each card in a run of cards that you clear. The longer the run the higher the bonus points get. You will receive a 5000 point bonus for clearing the top card in each pyramid.

Pyramid Solitaire – Click on cards that add up to 13. All of the number cards are worth their number The jack, queen and king are worth 11, 12 and 13 respectively. An ace is worth one. You can only select cards that are completely uncovered. You can also select a card from the deck. You also have a “crib” from which to pick. When you select cards that equal 13 (like a jack and a two), they are taken away and you get points. Since a king is already worth 13, you can take it away by itself, without matching it. You get points for every card that you take away from the pyramid. You also get points for removing cards from the crib. You get more points for cards higher up the pyramid. You can only go through the deck once per hand. You have 10 hands to get a top score. When you have exhausted all your options, click the “Next Hand” button to deal a new deck. When all 10 hands are done click the “Post Score” button to post your score!
There is a 1000 point bonus for clearing all of the cards in the pyramid.

Remember, these games are just in the testing stages and haven’t been released yet for members to play and compete for points to redeem for prizes. However, I will keep you updated and as soon as they are officially released, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, you can sign up to Cashcrate and check out the forum if you’d like to become a tester to these games until they are released in their full mode!

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  1. H_Persaud

    this is great news!

  2. TriNi

    Yes it certainly is H_Persaud!


    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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