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Happy Easter weekend to all!

April 11th, 2009

So I know I don’t usually update on weekends but I found a few minutes of free time today so I figured I’ll wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Yesterday I had a great day and actually went to a church service last night that was pretty emotional for me. I always get emotional at church. I guess we all go through certain things in life, and sometimes church is just the best place to ask for forgiveness, and more importantly, forgive yourself, and feel like there’s still hope for you, no matter how bad your situation is. :)

Anyway.. enough off topic.

Here’s a little total earnings update for the month, on my online money making ventures.


* April’s Earnings: $43.60 Points: 862

* Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a great offers contest again this month where new members have an advantage to win some extra money. I say new members because it’s based on how much you earn doing offers. New members have the most offers available to them since they just joined, so they can really take advantage of contests like these. Right now the member in first place has earned $57.70 so it’s not really too late. There are alot of Trial Offers that pay alot more than that! You can still catch up if you decide to join. The first prize by the way is $150.00

* This month I’m really gonna set aside some time to make the extra points needed for that $50 gift card. I only need 138 more so it shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve just been sorta busy lately.


* Balance: $19.28 Signs: 932.20

* I know it’s not as much compared to last month, but I was really working over time because of the contest last month. :D This month does have some great promos and contests tho! A new one started today where you get 1 ticket for every 3 offers completed. There are 10 prizes! $33, $23, $23, $23, $23, $13, $13, $13, $13, and $13! So everyone has a shot. And if you’re wondering why everything ends in a 3. Deal Barbie Pays is celebrating their 3 year anniversary as a GPT site! So the promos this month all have something to do with the number 3.

* I’m definitely going to take advantage of that promo starting Monday. On weekends I don’t do much. ;)


* Balance: $21.78 & 92.00 chips

* I’m still 3rd on the leaderboard for the contest this month on this paid survey site! The 3rd prize is $100. First prize is $300 and second is $150! I’m aiming for higher ;) Gotta put in some work on that site next week as well!

* For this month only, there’s still the promotion going on where every new member gets $10 credited to their account! So head over there now and sign up so you don’t miss out.

* They’ve also added a new feature called SquishySlots! It’s just like a regular slot machine and it costs 5 chips per spin. It’s soo much fun and so very addictive! I’ve spun a few times already and managed to get a few wins. The most I won was like 15 chips! I’m so scared that I lose all my chips behind it tho haha, so I’m not playing as much….


* I have 66 bucks! I’m so addicted to this site! I love searching and looking out for the extra promo codes. I’m probably gonna cash in for a gift card next month!

Other than that, not much is new :)

Guess I’ll catch you guys later, because right now I’m about to shower and dress to go out.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

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Reanna R

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4 Responses to “Happy Easter weekend to all!”

  1. Layna

    great site, I signed up under you for one of the things…squishy cash, somethign like that. Already earned $10.25!

  2. HalfCrazy

    Aw, glad you spent the Lent at the Church. Never went to Church during Lent lol. Maybe tomorrow or in a couple of days.

    You’re earning a lot now, go donate to a charity LOL.

  3. bank expert says

    “Happy Easter weekend to you!” Wish you good luck.

  4. powerblogger

    Happy easter

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