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Ever heard the saying, “Whether you think you can, or can’t… you’re right!“?

This post was fueled by some questions I’ve been getting recently when it comes to “making money online“.

I get quite a few emails on a daily basis, and even though I might be really busy, I still try to reply to all of them. I may not be able to go in direct details in every reply, but that’s why I have this blog. I can go into details here, in one post, and EVERYONE can read and benefit from it.

So one of the main questions I always get is “how can I start making money online?”.

Here are just a few of these emails that I have been replying to recently, just so you get an idea of where this post is going.

Email #1:

“Ive read your blog. Have you ever tried {site removed} ?

I’ve done researched about that site and most feedbacks say that it is legitimate and genuine..

maybe you have had encounter with this site.. I need your opinion =)

I am also a beginner at blogging, here is my site
{link removed}

maybe, you also have tips on how i can make more money with adsense.”

Email #2:

“Hi Renna its sam I just like to no where I can get a blog like your so I can make my own web blog, can you please tell me where to go get one like yours?”

Email #3:

“hi..can you help me find paid surveys that available in philippines??? thanks”

Email #4:

“I know there is a lot of websites like these and i just wondering how do you get started with something like this?”

Email #5:
These were a series of emails and replies from one person:

“Hello,I am am {name removed},38,a guy from Greece,I just saw your blog and I am really interested in it,could you help me find ways to make money online for free?Thank you for your time.”

“Hello,thank you for replying to me so soon,I have tried ptc sites for the longest time,it takes forever to earn a buck,same goes for surveys and affiliate programs,isnt there a way to make a substantial income online without taking forever?Again,thank you so much for your time and help,Evan.”

“Hello again Reanna and thank you for answering to me,if I am not mistaken your website promises fast and easy money,right?Creating a blog or a website sounds very complicated and a little hard to make for me,what about reading emails,does that pay off?How can you tell if a website is legit or not?Again,thank you so much for your time!P.S.Do you have any idea how can I find my lost account on msn?Thanks.”

Email #6:

“Hi Reanna,

Good to hear from you and that you are making money inline without a single cent,

I do not know where I go wrong because I never make any single coin despite having been on the search for the last 5months

I end up signing with many programs and finally get disappointed

I live in Kenya and I don’t know whether this is genuine

Kindly advice me further


{name removed}”

And then off course, maybe the email that solely inspired this post:

I have been following your success and I am very happy -proud for you!
It certainly didn’t happen without some work though.
I am learning from you.
My name is {name removed}; Just turned 50; Have 5 great sons; Live in NC; Disabled with MS, COPD, and heart issues; Hate not making a little ‘spending’ money, so am following your example. Sometime soon I will ask you a couple of questions, but for now I’m winging it-really frustrating at times trying to catch on. I know that I am wasting too much time; looking for your tips & tricks to read, am sure that would help. Haven’t been able to find them yet.
Just wanted to acknowledge your major milestone of $10,000! and say ‘what a pretty bride you made’.
Keep Trucking & Cashing In Girl; Next Stop- $20,000!
{name removed}.

As you can see, names have been removed from these emails in order to keep them anonymous. And I can assure you that in no way am I trying to ridicule anyone’s question. They are all 100% legit questions! I just wanted to post them so that my readers that maybe have the same questions would be able to relate.

So anyway, let’s get down to the point of this blog post. We all know that I make money online. But how can YOU make money online?

Ok well firstly, making money online probably has a lot to do with the country in which you live. I do understand that many of these questions come from people that live outside of the United States, and so MOST of the sites I mention here on my blog are not available to their country.

Most GPT sites allow only certain countries, and the ones that do allow international members, don’t always have offers available to them so it becomes a challenge to earn.

But is there really a way that anyone, regardless of which country you live in the world, can make money on the internet?


My blog is subtitled; “how to make money fast and easy”. I am very aware of this. However, no where in any of my posts, do I say that you can make ALOT of money fast and easy. That simple is not possible. There are many sites where you can sign up, do some work, and get paid within a week, but the most you’d probably earn is about a buck or two. So then why do I mention these sites on my blog if you can only earn so little from them? Because believe it or not, that “buck or two” might not have a lot of value to you depending on your financial situation and how bad you need the money, but it definitely goes a LONG way for some others. There are so many people that are happy even for that extra dollar, and over time, it does add up!

But okay, let’s move on to bigger fish, since that “buck or two” isn’t the kind of money you’re looking to make.

Some of the sites I have been earning the most with recently are Google Adsense, and Affiliate Marketing sites (Maxbounty). These are the methods I will be focusing on in which ANYONE can make money online with. Google Adsense pays worldwide. Several affiliate marketing sites do as well.

So how does one go about making money with these sites? Here’s how you make money with these programs in one sentence.

Create a blog or website and work on its content and SEO so that you increase rank in search engines and therefore get traffic which would in turn make you money.

So the first thing I’ll tell you is that it’s not FAST, and it most definitely ain’t EASY. So after reading that sentence, what are you thinking? Are you thinking, “this is too hard for me and I cannot do it.”? If you are, go back to the first sentence of this post. “Whether you think you can, or can’t… you’re right!”

If I thought just like that when I first created this blog, I would have been $10,000 poorer today.

It is not as hard as it sounds! Yes there is indeed a learning curve to it all. It takes a bit of effort and some research… but tell me what in this life doesn’t? If I can do it, then so can you.

It’s 10 PM right now, and I really wanted to go further on this post, but I have to shower and get some sleep for work tomorrow, so I’m going to write a Part 2 to this post later in the week. I will take that one sentence about how to make money with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, and hopefully expand on it in more detail so beginners get a better idea of what it all means, where to start, and where to go next.

Again, I’m no expert at this stuff; just relating what I’ve learned over time.

Part 2 coming soon!

P.S. Thank you again to the sender of that last email that really made my day today!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

16 Responses to “How Can YOU Make Money Online? Part 1”

  1. Ruth - Web Career Girl

    Love that quote you started with, and when you said "If I thought just like that when I first created this blog, I would have been $10,000 poorer today." – so true!

    It definitely isn't fast and easy, although it is quite simple IF you can work consistently (of course working consistently isn't always easy). I am still learning and growing my earnings but I know it really is possible. Good for you for helping others do it too.

  2. TriNi


    Thank you! Yes, that quote is one of my favorite. Stay tuned for part 2 because it will be alot more beneficial than this one! Will try to go into a bit more detail about creating a blog or site, keywords, seo, backlinks, etc

  3. WAHM Bri

    You're always so in depth with your posts. I can appreciate how you love not like to help your readers. I can agree that it's not fast or easy but with hard work and a lot of perseverance it can be done.

    Keep up the good work and happy earnings!

  4. TriNi

    @WAHM Bri,

    Thanks! I try my best. Still trying to complete that second part.

  5. Kelly

    Hi there,

    Ive just starting looking into making money by blogging and i really have no idea where to start, any extra tips and advice would be absolutely appreciated :)

    Thanks so much,

    Kelly in Australia :)

  6. carmela

    HI, Trini… how can i make
    a blog ?

  7. trini

    Hey Kelly!

    Nice job trying to make money blogging! There is great potential if you stick with it. All my best advice are already written in this three part series! If you really read it part by part and follow what is said, I can almost guarantee you’ll make some money from your blog within 6 months to a year maybe. It’s not easy, trust me.. but it can be done! Just choose your keyword carefully. Pick a topic that interests you, that you can keep writing new content for. But be aware of what keyword phrase you’re interested in ranking for as well. Use Google’s keyword tool to help you decide. Then take it from there and keep building backlinks for those keywords! Just keep building more and more and more and soon enough you’ll see some results! :) Good luck!!

  8. trini


    You can make a blog for free by going to blogger, or wordpress. Those are the two most popular ones.

  9. Alanha


    I just stumbled across your blog and really liked it. Alot of useful info and tips. I got to say that there is one website that you do not have in your list and you should definitely try it.

    Its called Superpoints. Right now, they have the superlucky button that you just click and randomly win points. They also have videos that you can watch for points and special offers just like SwagBucks. Pretty soon they will be bringing back the shop and earn and the LuckySearch. You can read more about this at They may also email you survey opportunities.

    It is limited to one account per household. You are allowed to invite so many people per month based on your membership level. And your memebership level depends on the amount of referrals you have. If they join, you get points for referring them and you also win whatever they win (indefinitely).

    They implemented a 9.99 annual fee for membership last year to help stop people from creating fake accounts and cheating the system but now is free and they are allowing current members to invite people to join for FREE! Its a great time to join.

    It’s an easy way to get extra cash or giftcards as you can redeem your points for Paypal cash, or giftcards such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Starbucks, among others. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

    The invitation links are for 1 person only, so if one says it has been taken just click on the next.

  10. trini

    Thanks, I had not heard of that site before but I’ll check it out soon.

  11. Gabriela

    Hi Trini,

    I was looking for making money online and I found your blog. I tried out all the survey sites for now, because I do not have the time to create a blog or bring my websites up an running at the moment. But I thought I can make money online after work. All sites in your list and the ones I had to sign up for in surveys promise to pay you for surveys. So far so good. But the surveys are all about signing up for something – get a free trial – downloading etc. Since I am already member of many websites and services I do not want to sign up again, but that does not count that I have experience with services. So – no survey for that. The most surveys are again hidden sign ups. I have gotten so many calls from inusrance companies of all kinds, and many others who want to sell me something. That is carzy. For most of surveys I do not qualify. Some I had to fill out the survey answerers and that is mostly all about me and my life and in the end – nothing. Some surveys I could fill out and those take at least 20 min. for $ 0.25 or less. For normal work you get at least $ 10.00 per hour. By 20 minutes that would make about $ 4.50. I spend already hours on those surveys and did not get a dime. How do you make money without spending for certain offers they want you to take. Even if it is just a dollar for the offer, but for the time spend and the money you just get $ 0.30. So I would not earn anything just paying for things I do not want and what I want – making money online – does not work. So please tell me how you make money with surveys – without referrals (for which your blog here is actually for) without paying for offers, without signing up for services, without downloading anything.

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

  12. trini

    Hi Gabriela, you ask some very valid questions. For the survey sites listed on my blog… Paid survey sites, not gpt sites, after you sign up, you are required to fill out questionnaires about yourself known as profiles. This determines which surveys you qualify for. After filling these out, the survey company will email you when there is a survey available for you to take. Some companies send you invitations on which you complete a short questionnaire in the beginning of the survey again, which will or will not give you access to the survey depending on if you qualify or not. If you do qualify, and complete the survey, you will be rewarded according to what that survey company agreed the reward was for taking that survey. Now notice that there is a lot of “qualifying”… And that is why you cannot compare this to a real job with an hourly salary. It is only to make some extra cash in your spare time.

    Now for gpt sites, there are trial offers, as well as free offers which do not require you to give out your credit card. Some of these free offers including signing up for newsletters, registering on free websites, quizzes, and the more common “this or that” offers. Eg. Mcdonalds or burgerking, where you would select one, enter your information, go through several pages of optional offers, and reach the “final steps” pages. These free offers do pay less than surveys, but again, I never promised anyone could make a full time income doing this. If it was that easy, we should all be doing it. I would quit my job! Lol

    It is only good for extra cash. Eg. My first month on cashcrate without referrals I made $57.72. That was only from doing free offers. Yes it did take some effort, but it is up to you to determine if that effort is worth the payout for you.

    As for the calls and emails, there are ways to go around that. I will email you a tutorial that should help.

  13. K M Roknuzzaman

    I want to make money online free

  14. trini

    @K M,

    My entire blog will help you do just that, but it takes a lot of work.

  15. dayofish

    from west african nigeria. pls girl is there any provision for a nigeria? i love to join & cool money online. your quick response will be more appreciated. thanks alot.

  16. Reanna R

    @dayofish, sorry.. I’ve had a lot of request from Nigeria but I haven’t heard of any way to earn there specifically.

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