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In my previous post, I talked about “How YOU Can Make Money Online“. If you missed it, I highly suggest you read it before reading this one, because things will make a lot more sense that way.

This is a part 2 or follow up to that post, which will focus on the best way to make a stable monthly income online. In order to do this, you need to:

Create a blog or website and work on its content and SEO so that you increase rank in search engines and therefore get traffic which would in turn make you money.

Ok so let’s dissect this sentence part by part,

1. Create a blog or website.

Sounds tough? Intimidated already? Don’t be! It’s not as hard as it sounds. First, let’s distinguish between a blog and a website. The difference between a blog and a website, is that a blog is more like a “story” that’s updated ever so often. A static website has a layout that more or less never changes. Everything stays put and there’s really not much of a need to update, unless the information needs to be changed. Websites sometimes contain blogs within them. is a website. is their blog.

There are many sites such as,,, and, where you can create a blog or website for free and have it up and running within minutes. However, don’t jump in just yet. There are quite a few factors that you should consider before starting a blog or website. The first thing you need to consider is to find a topic that interests you! You need a topic that you have a fair amount of knowledge about, or at least something that you’re willing to research/pursue etc. The main reason being that you need something you can continue writing about without running out of things to say, or getting bored. For a static site, this might not be so important since you don’t necessarily have to update it a lot, but for a blog, this is a major decision so choose wisely! My blog is a “make money” blog because that is something I’m genuinely interested in. Luckily, I never run out of things to post because I’m always getting new proofs of payments or posting advice to help others earn as well. This doesn’t mean that your blog has to be the same. You don’t have to post about making money in order to make money. You can create your blog about whatever interests you, example; food, makeup, fashion, cars, electronics, etc.

Ok, so you’ve chosen your topic or “niche” as it’s referred to in the make money online world. For the sake of this example, let’s say you chose the topic food. Now you need to research and choose your keywords. Keywords are basically phrases that pertain to your niche/topic that you’d like to rank for on search engines so you need to choose them wisely. You should have one main keyword phrase that you’re going for, and about two or three minor ones that you hope to rank for as well. For example, my main keyword phrase is “make money online free”. I currently rank #2 on, #1 on, #1 on, and #1 on for that phrase without quotation marks. Some other minor keyword phrases that I also managed to rank for alongside “make money online free” are “free money online”, “make money for free”, “how to make money online free”, and a few others that sound similar. Again, I can’t stress enough that I’m not trying to boast. I started from zero just like you. I just want you to understand what keywords are and why they are important to your blog/site. I currently get almost 99% of my traffic from search engines. Later, we’ll talk about why traffic is important and why search engine traffic is the best kind.

Long tail keywords are said to be the best type for SEO purposes. A long tail keyword is a keyword with specific detail. The longer the keyword, the easier it is to rank for. For example, “food” is too short of a keyword to try ranking for it. It will be impossible. “Easy dinner recipes” might be a bit easier, but still very difficult since it’s still a very popular and short keyword. “Easy dinner recipes made from scratch” might be easier to rank for, but still I’m sure very popular. “Easy dinner recipes made from scratch in 30 minutes or less” might be even easier. I hope you see where I’m going with this. The longer and more detailed the keyword phrase is, the easier it will be for you to get to #1 on Google for it.

BUT, another factor plays in as well. You have to consider the amount of people that search for that keyword phrase. If it’s a fairly small amount, then whether you get to #1 spot on Google or not, you won’t be getting a lot of traffic to your blog or site and therefore won’t be making much money. For example, I can create a blog right now about “rats and mice that wear pink mittens and have tea on a peacock’s head who is eating a slice of watermelon”. I can bet you I’ll rank on Google #1 spot within less than a week maybe, but does that mean I’m going to make money with that blog? Not quite. I don’t think there will be a lot of people searching for that phrase.

Here is a tool that will help you see how many people search for what keywords: Adwords Keyword Tool.

So those are three major factors we mentioned so far when it comes to creating a blog or site; niche, keywords, and search volume.

Let’s move on.

Ok, so you’ve picked your niche and found a main keyword phrase that has a fairly high search volume and is not impossible to rank for. Now what? Well now you create your blog. I suggest you start with a free blog or site from one of the sites I mentioned above. You simply need to sign up to the site, and follow the steps from there in setting up your blog. However, I do advise that you invest in purchasing a domain name. A domain name is a url. Whatever you type in the address bar is a domain name. Eg. is a domain name. Domain names can be bought very cheap (most times $10 or less), on sites like Search online for promotional codes which can save you even more money. Again, this is not mandatory, as it is possible to skip this step and still make money with your blog, but here are some of the reasons having your own domain name is a good idea.

- It “brands” your blog. Your domain name is yours for life, and as you develop your blog, people will be able to associate your blog with your domain name and vice versa.

- It sounds more professional than the ones given by the free sites. Blogger and other sites are free to create a blog, but the domain name or url of your blog will always contain or as the case may be. Just a .com or .net sounds much more professional and is easier to remember as well.

I took the free route and after developing my blog a bit and seeing it’s potential, decided to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy.

If I could have done it over, I would have purchased my domain name first. My reason for saying this will be explained more a bit later on when I talk about SEO and building backlinks.

Also, be sure that you try to use the keyword phrase in your domain name. A blog about food that has the url: doesn’t actually do you any good SEO wise. You have to remember to keep things relevant and to use your keyword phrase as often as you could without abusing it or making it sound unnatural. A better domain name would be If your choice is taken, then work around it and find something similar.

After purchasing your domain name, you can even go a step further and purchase hosting for your blog. Hosting means having your blog “hosted” on another platform. It’s sort of a “middle man”. Even though your blog will be published on the free site blogger or wordpress, all of the content would actually be hosted elsewhere and not on blogger’s bandwidth. It would be stored or “hosted” on the space you purchased. The reason for this is that you now have full control over your blog, and it cannot be deleted or canceled by the owner of the free service (blogger, weebly, etc.) without your permission.

That is definitely a bit more technical though, and even I haven’t taken that step yet, even though I really should in order to protect my blog. Hopefully I get to it soon.

But let’s keep going… Figured out what you want your blog to be about and bought your domain name. Well now you can follow the simple instructions to set up your domain name so that it redirects to your free blog url. The way to do this would vary depending on which free platform you chose (blogger, webs, weebly, etc), but a quick Google search would get you step by step instructions you can follow.

After you’ve set it up and made sure it works, you can probably then search for a theme or layout for your blog or site. Picking a layout is important, again for establishing your presence online. When I first started this blog, it didn’t exactly look like this. It was a black background with pink font. I got a lot of feedback that my layout was too girly, too childish, too “immature”, not professional, etc. I tweaked around with it a bit until it looked like what it is today, but you’ll notice I still kept the pink. I have my reasons for that. I wanted my blog to reflect a bit of my personality. I wanted to show that I was a real person and not some geek or robot behind a computer screen. I’m a girl, I’m 23, and I love hot pink. So what. That doesn’t stop me from making money online.

Your blog’s layout should reflect a bit of your personality or pertain to your niche, while also making sure to keep it clean and readable. Again, a quick Google search will bring up plenty of free layouts that give you the coding and all you have to do is copy and paste! It’s not rocket science, I promise. You don’t have to learn to code HTML. Don’t worry about getting it perfect right away. You have lots of time to tweak and as time passes, you’ll figure out what you want where, what you want to keep, what you want to remove, what you want to change the color, etc.

Now I think you’re ready to write your first post! For the real newbies to blogging, don’t worry, the “new post” button or link WILL be available somewhere on the page of your dashboard after signing in. If you can figure out Facebook, I’m confident you can find your way around this too.

Your first post should introduce yourself as the owner of the blog, state your motive for starting a blog, and talk a bit about your topic. For the sake of this example, “Easy dinner recipes made from scratch in 30 minutes or less”, a good first post would state why you decided to create a blog that saves time on making dinner. You should also include a recipe that backs up your keywords. Remember to use that exact keyword phrase within the body of your post, and preferably in your post title as well. The more the better, but remember to keep it flowing and keep it sounding natural and not repetitive. In fact, use a variation of those keywords, include the minor ones you chose as well, etc. Also remember your grammar and punctuation. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but TyPiN lYkE DiS IsNt KoOl either.

I think I’m going to have to pause there for now, because this is running longer than I thought. I don’t want to start to bore you. I hope this part 2 was helpful somewhat, and look out for Part 3 where I’ll discuss how to go about developing your content and working on SEO so that you can increase your traffic!

Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

19 Responses to “How YOU Can Make Money Online Part 2.”

  1. Hamrash

    Really appreciable effort Trini,

    This post will definetly help the beginners a lot. I hope this will continue in a series.

    As usaul, am eagerly waiting for your next post. I thnik it would be nice if you post topics like submitting blogs to directories as well as search engines to get page rank and visitors.

    Hope that your job is going fine. Have a nice weekend.


  2. TriNi


    Thank you. Yes I'm going to try to get part 3 out as soon as possible. Hopefully, I can make everything fit in that part and won't have to do a part 4. The truth is though, there is just so much about this whole "making money online" thing.. especially the stable monthly income from a blog/site that everyone wants to make. It's not a 1-2-3 deal. There's definitely a lot of behind the scenes work and things that you need to learn and understand.

  3. WAHM Bri


    Your series is really informative. I've been at this blogging thing for a year myself and you're opening my eyes to some things. Can't wait to read part 3. As usual keep up the good work girly :-)

    WAHM Bri @ Make Money Online Free With WAHM Bri

  4. Antonie

    hi, this is my visit to your blog, greetings from me, after reading your article very helpful frankly my spirit has gone out to make money on the internet, thanks for sharing knowledge

  5. TriNi

    @WAHM Bri,

    Hey Bri, thanks. I'm really trying to get part 3 out ASAP but with Thanksgiving this week, I've been super busy. I'll try to do it as soon as I can.


    Thanks, don't give up.

  6. Sabrina

    You've provided some great advice in each of the three parts. I decided to comment on this part in particular, because of what recently happened to me.

    I had finally felt as though I got the hang of blogging. I had established backlinks in both google and yahoo. Yet, I wake up one day and my blog is diabled. As you can imagine I freaked out. I sent a request to blogger for restoration, but those went unanswered. I really felt like just giving up on making money from blogging.

    However, I decided to go ahead and purchase web hosting. Now that I've done it I wish I would have when I first started blogging. There are some technical aspects, but if I can handle it trust me anybody can. I am in no way technology savvy.

    Sorry for such a long comment:-)

  7. TriNi


    Thanks for your input! I also checked out your new site.. and you seem to be doing well so far. :) I'm sorry about what happened to your old blog. Yes that has to be traumatizing. Hopefully I man up and purchase and use some hosting soon. Thanks for the encouragement and no need to apologize about a long comment… I love hearing what my readers think. Good luck!

  8. sidra


    i have gone through ur this blog its very helpful but i want to say few things to u 1stly the ad “join the club” on ursite is not working i clicked it many times but it is not proceeding, 2ndly i want to know does the ads on ur site really works they say abt their output , and lastly i am not a computer buddy i dont know about blogging or website making can u suggest me some type of online work that should pay me good by little effort and i should not come to computer again and again very soon , some steady source i do the work once and the income starts coming , i am a mom and looking for some work from very long, kindly tell about some legit source thanks alot , waiting for ur reply

  9. trini

    The ads on my site are from private clients that have purchased ad space on my blog. My disclaimer clearly states that I am not responsible for them, and it is highly recommended that you research them thoroughly as most do require a “fee” to join.

    Secondly, because you are not in the US, it will be a little harder for you to find a steady source of income from online. The only way for you to earn might be from ptc sites (very little) and things like referrals, Google adsense, or affiliate marketing.

  10. medzki


    your post link of “how to make money online part 2″ sounds like a detailed information about “how to create a simple blog”. and when i read it, it makes me think that i would also create a blog. just to make a topic of my blog that interests me. so that people can read about the same that they interest. just sharing their thoughts about what they read from blog topic. thank you for your blog. and have a great weekend. congratulations.

  11. trini


    I’m glad I could inspire you. It is not easy to create a blog and earn money from it, and I would be lying if I said it was. But I emphasize that it’s possible!

  12. samuel

    how can i get pay

  13. trini

    Different sites pay differently Samuel.

  14. Mike

    Hi, TriNi.

    Thank you very much for explaining your techniques so well. I actually paid $19.95 two weeks ago to an on-line ad to learn about the same thing you are doing for free, and it is not near as good as your write-ups (blog). I am 72 years old, and had my own domain and company on the internet in 1999. Got away from it for many years, and now want to go back and since things have changed a lot in those years, your blog is of great help. Could you please explain in article number 3 how you get your web site more noticed in search engines?
    Years ago you could submit the domain for free but many sites are asking for payment now to submit to search engines.

    I have a weebly account now but want to go to a domain name and change the site. :)

    Thanks again, and wish you continued success.


  15. trini

    @ Mike, thank you so much for the kind compliments on my site. Sorry you spent $20 for an ebook that probably will end up sitting somewhere on your desk or bookshelf. The information is truly available for free online.

    I just replied to your email actually answering all your questions. I’ll copy and paste that reply here if you don’t mind, just for any other readers that might have the same question.

    “I am glad I could have helped you and inspired you about earning online. First, I’ll advise you to not expect too much. Think of it as even if you earn $5 or $10 .. it’s money you didn’t have before! The reason I say this is because no one earns a ton their first month or even few months! In fact, even after a year or more you could not be earning a dime! It’s really hit or miss and it all depends on how much work you’re willing to put in to learning how this all works. Learning about SEO, keywords, backlinks, etc and applying that knowledge to a blog or website that you have created. There’s really no magic formula, just a lot of hard work! :)

    I’m sorry I couldn’t give more specific instructions, but the truth is over the years I’ve just been “going with the flow” sorta and learning as I go. I didn’t make a list of every single place I left my link, etc so it’s quite hard to tell others exactly where to leave there’s. I can only offer general help as in the kinds of things you can do to build backlinks such as commenting, article marketing, etc.”

  16. Mike

    Hi, TriNi

    Thank you very much for a long (which I loved) e-mail response and yes, it is o.k. with me if you post all of it or parts of it.

    I really appreciate you going into great detail in your e-mail response and also on your web pages. You go, girl !!

    Keep up the good work on helping people in your blog.

    Mike Davis in Panama…..formerly of California, and maybe returning soon. :)

  17. trini

    LOL @ maybe returning soon! Yes, sorry about the international thing, but there isn’t much that can be done about it.
    Glad you appreciated the email, no problem, I’m happy to help. I tried as best as I could. :)

    Take care!

  18. gayle

    hello ther trini I just took better part of my day of readin & writein down most of what you had in your blog about makin money on line 2
    & I have to say it’s more than I thought I would know about such a subject but well worth the time I injoyed readin it & writein down just about all you had talked about & now that I have it on paper I can re read it & work it as I go thank you for the infromation I love to typ so
    startin me a blog will be right up my ally cause I have a topic I do know pleanty about that I put 20 yrs into & thats raisein rabbits for a livin & thinkin about gettin back into it as soon as I can have a blessed day from the rabbitlady of fla that now lives in indiana

  19. trini

    Hi Gayle,

    You’re most welcome, and it sounds like you’ve already found your “niche” so good job! Good luck with it, and I hope all that I have posted helps somewhat.

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