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Here is a list of survey sites available to international members from countries outside of the United States. This list will be edited according as time goes on. Also, bare in mind that since I do live in the US, it is impossible for me to try these international sites myself, to prove that they are legit. They are all supposed to be 100% free to join, however, please read the FAQs before signing up!

Please look for your country and join using the appropriate link.



Join Toluna and get rewarded to test products and give your opinions. Reward partners include, HMV, CD Wow and much more. Sign-up is free. Give your opinion and win!!!

Toluna UK

Toluna Canada

Toluna Denmark

Toluna Netherlands

Toluna Norway

Toluna Sweden

Toluna Germany

Toluna Finland

Toluna Austria

Toluna Australia

Toluna South Africa

Toluna Hong Kong

Toluna South Korea

Toluna Spain

Toluna Switzerland


Opinion Outpost

Get paid to give your opinion. Surfers who sign-up to Opinion Outpost can receive cash and prizes just for giving their thoughts.

Opinion Outpost Canada



Sign up to take surveys for MySurvey and earn points, which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, or online gift certificates.

MySurvey US

MySurvey Canadian – English

MySurvey Canadian – French

MySurvey Japan

MySurvey Australia

MySurvey South Korea


Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a community of people across the world who complete online surveys for the largest market research firms. Surfers sign up to be paid to fill out surveys from a globally recognized and trusted brand.

Global Test Market United States

Global Test Market UK

Global Test Market Canada (English)

Global Test Market Canada (French)

Global Test Market Australia

Global Test Market Germany



Surfers who sign-up to Ipsos and give their opinion can earn points and redeem them for cash, gift cards, and even donate for charitable causes.

Ipsos UK

Ipsos Denmark

Ipsos Belgium (Flemish)

Ipsos Sweden

Ipsos Finland


AIP Surveys

AIP Singapore

AIP Thailand

AIP Hong Kong

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

86 Responses to “International Paid Survey Sites – Make Money Online Worldwide!”

  1. Julianna

    Hey girl, I've been reading your blog and I finally decided to try out cashcrate. In the past 3 days I've made about $19, which is awesome! I made a blog too and was wondering if there was a way to contact you to get some tips on getting started and finding referrals. I love the help you have given me so far through your blog. I am so thankful to have found it!

  2. TriNi


    Aw I'm so happy I inspired you to join and it seems like you're doing awesome already! Great job. I also visited your blogs and they're great! Love the fashion one too! I think you'll do pretty well with this. Keep up the great work. I left my email on your other blog so feel free to contact me and I'll send you more tips about cashcrate! :)

  3. Anonymous from philippines..are all your intl. surveys availble here??? thanks

  4. TriNi


    Yes, this list contains all of the international survey sites that I'm aware of.

  5. gabriel


    are you upgraded member at squishycash? if yes, which upgrade level are you and are you receiving referrals from the site itself? if yes, how often? thanks.

  6. TriNi


    Hi there, I've never actually purchased any upgrades, but I believe you're upgraded every time you reach a certain amt of referrals? I'm not sure if that means you get referrals from the site though. It would be hard for me to know anyway because I get referrals from my blog as well so I won't know what I get from where.

  7. Anonymous

    I am missing Yougov at your list . I am from denmark and a lot of your companys are not very active in denmark .

  8. TriNi


    Thanks for your input. I'll check them out. I'd actually never heard about them before.. so thanks for mentioning them. I apologize if there aren't many survey sites on my blog for your country. As you can imagine, it's a bit hard for me to recommend legit sites in countries where I'm not a resident .. so I do try my best. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ahmed Jadoon

    Hi, I like your posts!
    I am from Pakistan and I am intrested in squishycash and cashcrate. Please suggest which one is better for me, and also send me tips to my email how to earn quickly from these to webs.
    My email:
    my blog:

  10. TriNi


    Being that you're from Pakistan, both sites might not have many offers that's available to your country.. but they both have a great referral program so I think you should give them a try still. I'm going to email you now with a few tips you can try to start earning.

  11. Sunil

    Hi, first of all great work. I am from India. Paypal have many restrictions here, so if you know of any site that accepts Alertpay (or something else) please let me know.

  12. denesia

    there arent any surveys for trinidad and tobago??:(

  13. trini

    Thank you. Yes I have heard of issues with India. There are several sites that pay via AlertPay .. DealBarbiePays does. I’m not sure about any others. Hope that helps.

  14. trini


    Yea sorry about that hun. Because we’re such a small island in the world, I guess our opinions doesn’t affect or influence products and services as much. Most advertisers are only interested in the opinions of those in the US and other large countries. :/ If I hear about any that targets Trinidad, I’ll let you know. But there are still ways you can make money from there like Blogging, etc.. but it takes a lot more work than surveys.

  15. abir

    Thanks for the info. There is not website for Asian? I live in kuwait.

  16. trini

    Hi, there are a few sites that accepts Asians but I’m not sure if there will be many offers or surveys for you to complete since the advertisers usually prefer the opinions of US members. Sorry about that.

  17. Juanita

    Hi what is the possibility that there is surveys for people in South Africa.

  18. trini

    Hi Juanita, I don’t know of any at the moment but if I hear anything I will be sure to let you know.

  19. Mohammad

    Can you Find Something for Kuwait?

  20. trini

    @Mohammed, Cashcrate and a few other sites listed, accept International members. The problem is you might not have many surveys to complete, so you’d have to rely on referring to make money.. which isn’t impossible, but a bit more difficult to get started.

  21. Louisse

    I’m really glad I found your blog. I’ve been searching for sites that will let me work online but never found one. I’m really thankful to have found your blog!

  22. trini

    Hi Louise, I’m glad you found me too and good luck. I hope you find something here you can earn from!

  23. Satish

    Hi, is Any job in India

  24. trini


    As of right now I’m unaware of any. Sorry about that. But I keep updating this post with new opportunities whenever I find them so stay tuned.

  25. Xekeno

    Nice international list you got there =)

  26. trini

    @Xekeno, thanks

  27. k man

    am from not good at bloging. is there anywere for me 2 make a free registration daily income online?anywere 2 make daily income. email me plz.

  28. Susan

    Hi i am from the uk and I use Valued Opinions and Newvistalive both really good, valued opinions tend to give you more frequent surveys than newvistalive. try it :-D

  29. trini


    Hey thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to look those up and add them to my list. :)

  30. trini

    @k man

    Hi there, I know there aren’t many opportunities available to countries outside of the US and I do apologize for that. It’s sad, cuz international members tend to take making money online most seriously and are willing to work. As of now, I really don’t know any opportunities for Nigeria. I do know of sites that are international but it will be somewhat difficult for you to start earning from them, since you’ll have to focus on referring only. If I do hear of anything though, I’ll add it to the list.

  31. vishal

    hi there, i went through your blogs….but i did not find out anything for india…could you please refer something…for me…where i can make some money.
    or can i join any us or uk website (eg.Cashcrate)..sittting here in india…pls advise.

  32. trini

    Hi Vishal,

    Yes, I know the problem with sites not accepting members from India. Sorry about that. At the moment, I don’t know of any particular sites that are best suited for Indian members, however, there are several sites like Cashcrate etc that accept international members for any country. You will not have offers or surveys to complete however, and will have to depend on referring others to make money.

  33. Mike

    Am glad i ran to your blog, How can people in this part of the world (West Africa) also benefit from this wide market in the world, are we excluded from the benefits of the wide web

    2, can you please send into my mail box, any opportunity to make money that may be available to me in The Gambia or Nigeria. I got a blog but don’t know how to develop readable contents.


  34. adem troudi

    is there any ways to make money in tunisia please contact me and thank u!!!

  35. trini

    Hi Mike and Adem,

    I’m sorry but I’m unaware of any specific sites towards Tunisia, or West Africa.

    There are some international sites that accept all members, just read their TOS and you’ll be able to find them. Eg. Cashcrate accepts all members, however it might be a little more difficult to earn with them since you won’t have any surveys or offers available to your country so you’ll have to depend on referrals.

  36. martin

    hello i am Martin

    i com from denmark but i have last 4 years been in ghana Accra i want to know if you can help me if i can make money on somesite i am not good i am new person white this ofcors i know net but i never know that we can make money like that anyway very good site you have thx you very much

    Regards martin

  37. trini

    Hi Martin,

    It is possible to make money in countries other than America but it takes a lot more work and effort. You can read through my blog for how to make money with Google adsense and affiliate marketing. Those are available worldwide.

  38. Shahbaz

    hi i am shahbaz

    i want to know about making money, i read these all but i can not understand any thing, kindly help me.

    take care

  39. dan lopez

    hello i am moving to philippines and would like to know is there any way to make money there and how can i do it
    thank you dan

  40. trini


    Hi, I have several friends in the Philippines that still make money online, however it might take a bit more work. Like I mentioned to the others, it is possible to make money online anywhere in the world! But the way you go about doing it might be different depending on where you are. If you do a search on Google for “pinoy make money online”, you might have better luck with some specific sites that are designed towards Philippines. However some of the sites I recommend here and make money with does pay to Philippines as well, eg. Cashcrate and Google Adsense!

  41. trini


    I’m sorry it’s hard for you to understand. I don’t know how else to explain it though.

  42. abubakar siddik

    i m in bangladesh now.but i m much interested to make money by that.if u can help i will be thankful to u.

  43. trini

    @abubakar siddik,

    Just like I told the others, it is definitely a bit harder earning money online when you are in countries out of the US, however it is not impossible. Look towards the left sidebar in my blog and I explain ways to earn money online via Google Adsense, referral programs, Affiliate programs, etc. Almost anyone can earn from those from anywhere in the world. It just takes a bit more time and effort …

  44. green

    hy girl,i m from bangladesh & i can”t use it.Can u help me clearly

  45. Neil R

    Hi there I love your blog it has loads of good info on it. I am going to have a go at cashcrate when i get a chance I will let you know how I get on.
    I have included a link to my site wich has some good affiliate marketing info on it your readers might find usefull.
    keep up the great work.

  46. trini

    @green, you’ll have to make money by using affiliate programs or referring others to sites like Cashcrate etc.

  47. trini

    @Neil R.
    Thank you! If you get my welcome message there when you sign up, I can help you get started. It’s a great site. I also checked out your site and really liked that video on the side of your blog. I’m considering using it, I hope that’s not a problem.

  48. Neil R

    Thanks Trini I will have a go at it tonight if I get a chance. Feel free to use what ever you like on the site thats ok with me

    thanks :)

  49. trini

    You’re welcome… and yes, I may put it in a separate section here on my blog the same way you do on yours. I really like it. It’s clear and to the point. I wish I was brave enough to make one myself but I’m camera shy. LOL.

  50. Lisi

    I noticed u said there’s not really anything for t&t, i’m guessing it’d be the same for the rest of the caribbean islands, thought I’d ask anyway if you know of anything that’d work well for jamaica

  51. trini

    @Lisi, yeah sorry about that, it’s the same for the rest of the Caribbean. Survey sites and things like that don’t really cater to outside of the US. You can still make money in Jamaica with Cashcrate but it wouldn’t be by completing surveys. You’d have to work on getting referrals.

  52. Fatwatul

    i’m from indonesia. how than?

  53. trini


    The same I told the other international members. It’s not easy to make money with surveys in different countries but you can earn from referrals, affiliate marketing, etc. It just takes more time and effort.

  54. Vinod

    Hi, Please advise is any chance of doing this while in India. Thanks

  55. trini

    You can make money from India, there are many that do it. However, you will only be able to earn by affiliate marketing, referring others, etc. There aren’t many surveys available to India.

  56. Bajo

    Hi Im Bajo

    I live in Namibia, Southern Africa and I would like advice on which website I can go to in order to start making money online or work from home. I would also like to know which sites are available that do not charge fees or that do not require you to buy start up packages ect.

  57. trini


    I know it is difficult for international members to find sites that they can make money on, unfortunately, I do not know any at the moment that are good for Namibia. You can look into blogging for money as an option, but it takes much more effort and there is a learning curve before you start earning anything.

  58. rasaq

    I live in nigeria, South Africa and I would like advice on which website I can go to in order to start making money online or work from home. I would also like to know which sites are available that do not charge fees or that do not require you to buy start up packages ect.

  59. trini


    In South Africa, there might not be many opportunities right now, sorry about that!

  60. Mike

    Hi, TriNi.

    Do you know of any international survey sites for the country of

    If not, o.k.

    Thanks for all your super work.


  61. trini

    Hey Mike,

    At the moment, I don’t, but if I hear anything I’ll be sure to post about it.

  62. Cameron

    This is a really useful page. I might make something similar to this on my own website. Good job :)

  63. covs67

    Happy new year!
    I really really love your site.
    1)Please which website(survey site) do you specifically recommend for us in Nigeria.
    2) Since you’re a webmaster,in what ways would you advice me on how to promote the best affiliate programs on my site. Please tell me the best affiliate programs to join.

  64. covs67

    Please what if i sign up on cashcrate as a U.S citizen,even though i am not one,in what ways can it affect my earnings.

  65. trini

    That can get your account banned covs67, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  66. trini

    Hi, happy new year to you as well. Thanks for the compliment on my site.

    Since you’re from Nigeria, I understand how difficult it is to find opportunities to make money online with survey sites. There are a few that accept international members, but even then, there are limited or no surveys and you’re left with finding referrals as your only option to making money there. Cashcrate, for example, will accept you even though you’re from Nigeria, and you can make quite a decent income from focusing on getting referrals! In fact, there are many international members that make over $1000 per month with referrals alone, but it is not easy. It takes a lot of work to find a method of promotion that works well.

    2. The best affiliate programs I have found that works well for me are MaxBounty and Logical Media. You can check out those two and see if they accept members from Nigeria. I am not sure if they do. As for promoting the campaigns on your site, you need to focus on SEO which would get your site up in rankings on search engines, and so people will find your site easily and click or sign up to the campaigns in order for you to get paid.

  67. trini

    No prob.. feel free to take the idea! Thanks for stopping by.

  68. Hubert.

    Hello friend…..
    I have been almost 14hrs looking for any sites in Europe (Austria basically to make money online but I have failed all of them tell me to first buy something or pay for whatever servy…am confused….I have filled up forms untill now I give up….Please if you vcan help try to answer me with some refferences…..Thanks for the great work and God bless you.

  69. trini


    I’m sorry, I haven’t seen any survey sites that particularly cater to Austria, but some of the sites listed here like Cashcrate accept international members.

    I also found a Bingo site that’s specific to Austria, but please do your research before you pay for anything on there! I believe sign up is free though. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    BingoLiner Austria

  70. lee


    i’d like to thank you for making this blog/site. its really a big help to us who are looking for part-time job. I just started to join the CashCrate and until now im having trouble using it. can you give my any tips or suggestions so that i can earn money from it. since i joined that site i still havent earn any cash. thank you for responding to my concern! :)

  71. wendy

    Hi am in Bahamas and need to join a survey. Which one do you recommend.

  72. trini

    @lee, you’re welcome.

    If you’re not from the US, chances are you won’t have many offers available to you and in that case you’d need to focus on referrals in order to earn from Cashcrate. Sorry about that, but there’s not much else that I can tell you. It’s just the way it is. However, on an inspiring note, a lot of members, even US members, no longer focus on doing offers themselves and prefer to refer others, because “that’s where the money is” so to speak.

  73. trini


    Hey there, I’m actually coming to the Bahamas for my second anniversary in May! I can’t wait! :) Anyway, as for survey sites, unfortunately there aren’t any that I’m aware of that caters to specifically Bahamas, but a few I listed here accept international members, such as Cashcrate. However, there might not be many offers available for you to do so you’d have to focus on getting referrals to make more money.

  74. Vincent P.

    Haloo Trini
    I want to make money by survey I am from Tanzania, so which website can be good for me. Please i need your help

  75. gabrielo

    Fluent english living in central Mexico, would like other income sources
    Via the internet. Any suggestions and tips or ….? I welcome your ideas
    and REAL stuff in this area …
    Great way to do net working with People and Helping Each other Instead of Hoarding ….
    There is Enough for ALL oF US, So don’t be afraid to GIVE…

    Blessings to all,

  76. Reanna R

    @Vincent P and gabrielo

    There aren’t websites that target directly to Tanzania or Central Mexico, but some international sites will allow you to get paid still. Eg. Cashcrate allows international members, the problem is that there won’t be surveys for you to do so the only way to make money would be to refer others… particularly US members.

  77. nelab


    any idea of making online money in afghanistan?

    is there any survey or………. available

  78. ayotunde

    Hi, please any site that pays people in nigeria? We’ll love to make money aswell. Thanks

  79. Reanna R

    @ayotunde, I haven’t heard of any yet. Sorry.

  80. Reanna R

    @nelab, sorry but I don’t know of any site specifically for afghanistan. You can try some of the sites that accept international members like Cashcrate but you may not have many surveys to complete.

  81. jovic

    Hey girl what a great job you’re doin’! Keep it up! You’re such a blessing to people and it’s no wonder you’re being blessed yourself. I accidentally tripped on your amazing site and totally roused my interest regarding money making online for free! Wow. I’m from the Philippines, can you please teach me how to get started from here. Thank you and more power Reanna!


    Hello sir/madam
    How are you?

    I had a look at your web site and got interested in online surveys etc.
    I reside in Azerbaijan Republic and am a 44 years old English Language teacher. I have many advanced language students in which I can introduce your web site to them and ask them to fill out surveys and make money. I can at least introduce 4 people and at most 8 people monthly.

    The thing is that not many people living here have the chance to apply for PAYPAL …

    What percentage will I get by forwarding hard working people to your web site? How does the process take place? What do I need to do so that you guys will understand that I have forwarded people. I would like to receive 10 – 20 % of the amount of money they will make automatically added to my account. ( please explain the steps )

    Can me and the people I forward to you receive the amount of money sent by you by POSTAL directly to our home addresses?

    Me and my partner own a big language institute here in Baku, Azerbaijan What about being your web sites unique distributor here in Azerbaijan. We can advertise your company in various ways ( we have many customers ) and we can easily ask them to pay like 200 – 500 US Dollars or even more in order to register with us. We can share the amount of money gathered from our customers with you. ( 50 / 50 )

    It would be a great pleasure to work with you guys.

    Please reply to this mail very soon.

  83. Reanna R

    @RAMINEM Hi there, thanks for the long message and showing interest in my site. However, I don’t actually provide surveys or pay anyone. I simply provide websites that provide surveys and pay. Surveys for countries outside of the US are usually hard to come by but there are a few ways you can still earn money internationally and get paid via postal mail.

  84. Reanna R

    Hi jovic! Aw thank you. I’m trying my hardest to keep up with blogging because I have been doing so well. Being that you’re from the Philippines, I would suggest creating a blog or site about something that interests you and working from then on to build it’s rank and traffic and monetize it with campaigns etc. You can read my three part series for more info on how to do that.

  85. naveed

    how to make money being an army officer from pakistan. i am quite good in writing ans speaking english skills

  86. Reanna R

    Hi Naveed,

    You can check out a site called Demand Studios which is a writing site that accepts international users. You can also try iRazoo which is an international site, but you can earn points to convert to cash/gift cards for doing other small tasks like surveys/etc. Good luck!

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