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Late Night Earnings Update.

February 17th, 2009

flowersHey everyone! First off let me say hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day! Mine was pretty special and I spent it with my “special someone”. He always makes me smile, whether it’s Valentines, Christmas, or “just another manic monday”. Love you babe, and thanks for the flowers. :) They’re really pretty!

Well everything else has been going great so far! My total earnings for the month (only counting my two main sources of income, GPT sites Cashcrate and Deal Barbie Pays is now at: $61.79.

I say only from my two main sources because there are a couple of other ways I earn online, but you don’t get paid until you reach payout. So if I don’t get to payout this month, then that earnings will just be rolled over into next month, and the next, until I reach payout and can collect my earnings. Hence, I won’t include it in my updates, because it’s more of an accumulated earnings, rather than a monthly thing. However I will be sure to post payment specifics and proof as soon as it is available! :)

And I also just finished writing two more articles for Associated Content. As soon as those get approved and published I’ll be sure to keep you posted! They are quite entertaining actually and I had fun writing them!

Well that’s all for now I guess. It’s pretty late so I’ll get some rest.

Happy earning!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

6 Responses to “Late Night Earnings Update.”

  1. eugene

    seriously i like your blog, i am a newbie in blogging, and i really wanted to know about earning some money from blogging.

    thank you and i wil come back for more, if you dont mind, can i link you up, so it would be easier for me to get to you

  2. Waldo

    Congrats on making more with cashcrate! that site is great!

  3. HalfCrazy

    Finally, a blog that is pretty interactive and informative. There are many money bloggers out there and their posts bore me to death LOL. But not yours!

    I agree, that’s a beautiful bouquet right there and those little heart things and I really hope your next total income will reach a hundred bucks!

    Much Love,

  4. Good Steward

    You go girl with that beautiful arrangement! I am not really into the flower thing but can’t complain if I get them or not. I always prefer the nice dinner and quality time for V-day (and a nice slice of Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory…lol). You got some great comments here. I agree with HalfCrazy…there are so many BORING and TYPICAL blogs about money. Your blog is nothing like those! That is what makes yours stick out. Keep it up! :)

    I will be back around! Later…

  5. HalfCrazy

    Good Steward, I’m with you about not liking flowers! Well it’s cool but it just dies anyway LOL. And thanks for agreeing with me!

    Anyway, just dropping by lol!

  6. TriNi

    lol it’s so funny that you guys said that about flowers cuz the truth is… i don’t like them either! lmaooo i mean they’re ok but yup they do die!! haha.

    that’s what my article I wrote that night to associated content was about anyway.. and when it gets published I’ll be sure to post the link you guys can check it out :) lol.

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