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make money online, financial freedom This blog is designed to teach others how to “make money online free“.

While every post is about a different method to make money online, you have to realize the level of experience required for each method.

Paid survey sites, get paid to search sites, get paid to click sites, I recommend for beginners. These sites require manual work, and if you can so much as click, type information, enter data, or give your opinion, then you can make money with these sites.

However, Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, which are the two big guns, I highly recommend you take a step back and understand how it works and what level of work is required, before you decide to get involved.

I am not saying this to scare you away. Only to prepare you so that you are successful.

So many people fail at making money on the internet because they think it’s a 1-2-3 deal.

Like I mentioned before, Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online. It’s a free program to join, and it’s owned by Google so you are positive that it is not a scam and you WILL get paid!

I know you have heard about the numerous success stories that involve Google Adsense.

Take for example, the teenager Ashley Qualls who owns, a free MySpace layouts website. She is a 17 year old high school dropout who made more than $1 million. Her first Adsense paycheck was $2,790 and she earns as much as $70K a month.

Another example is Jerry Alonzy. He’s about 60 years old now, and makes $120,000 a year from the ads Google places on his website.

So as you can see, age is not a factor. Anyone can make money online with Google Adsense.

The same with Affiliate Marketing.

To see any kind of substantial income from these two methods, you have to get a steady flow of targeted traffic to your blog or site.

It is NOT as simple as slapping some Google ads or affiliate campaigns up on your blog/site and making money.

While these success stories are definitely inspiring, you have to realize that there was some level of work put into these websites that made them stand out among the rest.

The work shouldn’t scare you away. You shouldn’t think you can’t do it. If this 17 year old high school drop out, and this retiree in his 50’s can do it, then why can’t you? They are no experts at computers. Nor are they geniuses. They just decided that this was what they wanted and they did not give up. They put in the 5 or 6 hours a day of work over a period of maybe 6 months to a year on average, to research about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Rank. They learned about how it works, and applied what they learned to the site they built. It’s as simple as that.

You do not have to pay for any class. Everything you need to know is available to you right online, for free.

It’s the way I have been learning so far, and I must say, I’m doing pretty well for myself. Maybe not as great as they have done. Maybe not as quickly as they have done it. But I started out at $0. And I’ve earned close to $8000 in about 2 years. It’s money I didn’t have before. Each month I’m seeing my total earnings rise little by little and it gives me a sense of accomplishment to know that I’m heading in the right direction, even if it’s baby steps.

This is another important aspect when it comes to making money online, whether it’s Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, or any other method. Don’t judge your success by other peoples’ success stories. Keep up with your own pace, and just don’t give up. You will see that in your own time, if you are doing the research and applying what you are learning, your earnings will start increasing too.

Here is my last payment from MaxBounty, which is one of the affiliate marketing programs that I’m a member of.

maxbounty payment, affiliate marketing programs

As you can see it is for $213, probably one of my biggest payments from MaxBounty yet, and it brings my total earnings online to $7809.11.

I am no genius. I started off making money online with a GPT site Cashcrate, which I’m still a member of today, by the way, and my first check was for $57.72.

If that doesn’t inspire you to take your future into your own hands and start making money online today, then I don’t know what will.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

4 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense – Your Road To Financial Freedom!”

  1. Anonymous

    Just wondering, since this blog is pretty much established, do you have any plans on making a new one?

  2. TriNi


    A new blog would be a great venture, but as off right now, I simply don't have the kind of time that it requires to make it successful. I also have to sit down and think carefully about another niche that I am into before I start another blog. Something that I wouldn't lose interest in and would be able to update frequently and work on making it "established" as well. So I'm just not really ready for that kind of commitment right now. I have WAY too much going on in my real life lol.

    But that was a great question and thank you for stopping by!

  3. Bristolboy

    This is very true! I had never heard of Max Bounty – I will have to investigate. You say your total earnings are about $8000 but how much of this is legacy and how much is recent. I guess what I am asking is how much money do you make per month now and from which sources?

  4. TriNi


    Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

    I currently average about $600 a month give or take.. if that's what you're asking.

    If you click the category on my blog that says "total earnings update".. you'll be able to see breakdowns of where my money come from on a monthly basis.

    Hope that helps!

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