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referrals So this is a post of a different sort .. somewhat. It’s a huge topic in the GPT industry – Referrals!

Why does everyone and their brother wants to know where to get referrals?

Why are referrals so important?

GPT is an industry, it stands for “get paid to”, and several of these sites that I refer you all to so you can make money online free are GPT sites.

With most if not all GPT sites, there are three main ways you can make money.

- Completing offers or surveys.
- Trying products or services.
- Referring others to the site.

This post is going to focus on the latter – referrals.

With almost every GPT site, they provide a commission to anyone that can refer others to the site. It DOES NOT take away from that “referred” member’s earnings, however instead it’s in addition to!

Let’s use numbers as an example. The referred person does an offer worth 50cents. They make 50cents in free money online. The person that referred them would get a commission (varies per site) let’s use 20% in this case, of that 50cents, so they would get paid 10cents.

Needless to say, it’s a big thing among members of GPT sites to refer others and make money.

Referrals however is a controversial topic.

Some people feel like they do not want to sign up under anyone because that person would be making money off them.

They are off course entitled to their own opinion, however, I believe this is not the right attitude to have. I myself felt like this at first too, but after spending enough time in the GPT industry, I can tell you that having a referrer is a GOOD THING!

Here are the two main reasons having a referrer is a good thing:
1. There are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to doing offers and having them confirm and if you sign up under someone that knows what they’re doing, all these would be shared with you. If you don’t, you spend about 2 months.. maybe more maybe less, learning these on your own. So basically you save yourself the time and the learning curve.

2. The person you sign up under would also be willing to share referral methods with you since they would also benefit from you getting referrals. You get referrals, you make money, and in turn, so do they. It’s a win-win situation for both people.

Now, everyone goes about referring differently. Here are a few methods that some people use.

- Tell friends and family.
- Posting on forums.
- Making Youtube videos.
- Answering questions on answer sites.
- Posting free ads online.
- Handing out flyers or business cards.
- Having a blog, and working on SEO so that they can get hits from search engines for certain keywords.

Now there are many other ways, in fact, the Cashcrate Forum has a list of 100 ways to get referrals. Whether all these work is questionable, but the trick is trying a few and finding out what works for you.

For me, I’ve worked on the last method that I talked about. Here with this blog, I rank for certain keywords on Google and other search engines and that’s where I get my referrals from. That however is a lengthy process that definitely doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of hard work, determination, research, learning, etc.

Because my blog Make Money Online Free has been doing so well in the search engines, I’ve had several owners of GPT sites that I do not belong to, approach me and ask if I’d join their site and refer members to it so their site can grow. While I’m flattered that they would ask little old me, I had to turn them down. You are probably wondering why…

Why don’t I rush at the opportunity to refer members to their site so I can make more money?

Well, like I kindly explained to these owners, I wasn’t aware of their site before they told me, which means it’s pretty small in the GPT industry. Nothing’s wrong with a small site, but with the recent times, there have been a lot of GPT sites, especially the small ones, closing down. I do not wish to refer my readers to a site that probably wouldn’t be around for a long time to come. That is the reason why I stick with the few that I do refer to. These sites like Cashcrate, Deal Barbie Pays, and Squishy Cash, have been around for a year or more at least and they’re the “big dogs” in the GPT industry. Chances are, even though nothing’s for certain, they’ll be around for a long time to come.

So for me, it’s not just about me referring you and making money online. It’s also about you making money online as well.

With that said, here’s a method I do not suggest using to get referrals – Blog commenting. Blog commenting is good for getting backlinks to your own site or blog, and hopefully some traffic, but I would NEVER recommend posting your referral link on anyone’s blog or site. You’re comment will most likely be deleted.. especially here on mine.

Here’s a comment I got on my blog recently. This person had nothing useful to say about my post. They contributed nothing to my site. Instead they just copied and pasted something that they probably post everywhere, asking others to sign up under them for another site. Needless to say this comment was immediately rejected and this person wasted a few seconds of their time to post.

blog commenting
^Click image for a larger view, opens in a new window.

Well that’s all for today folks. Go out and refer, just don’t spam. Nobody likes spam.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

4 Responses to “Make Money Online Free With Referrals!”

  1. ebele

    Hi hun,

    I was just wondering: Did you make a recent guest post on 'cos I've just a read a copy of this blog post on that blog but didn't see your name anywhere?

    take care…

  2. TriNi

    @ ebele

    No I didn't. Thanks for telling me. That person copied my post word for word and just replaced the links with theirs. I can't believe people are so lazy.

    I'm going to contact them and ask them to remove it.

    Thanks again for letting me know.

  3. ebele

    You're welcome, hun. I did find it odd that she'd do that, but I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and pass it by you first. It looks like she's taken it off.

    take care…

  4. TriNi

    @ebele, yeah she has. I managed to get in contact with her yesterday about it.

    Thanks again for telling me! :)

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