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make money on the internet free Even though I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like to, I’ve still been making money online behind the scenes. It’s just that real life gets hectic as well, and sometimes I have to attend to personal matters first before I can deal with this online stuff.

Regardless, here’s what’s been happening on the make money online free scene.

I’ve gotten 3 new payments!

Squishy Cash sent me my payment that I mentioned a while back in my total earnings update.

squishy cash payment proof

Squishy Cash is a great GPT site and is definitely not a scam! It’s one of my top 5 rated GPT (get paid to) sites to join, and in fact, I’d recommend this one to international members the most because they really offer a wider selection of offers to do for members that aren’t from the US.

IM Report Card also sent me another payment!

im report card payment proof

Are you looking for scam free ways to make money online? Are you into internet marketing? Have you tried several “make money online” sites and had a positive or even negative experience with them? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then IM Report Card is a great site for you! Get paid to share your experience with others by rating, grading, voting, and commenting, and even learn about new sites, products, and people that can help you make money on the internet.

And last but not least, YouData sent me my regular Friday payment.

youdata proof of payment get paid to click

If you’re not into taking surveys to make money online, you might prefer PTC (paid to click) sites which pay you to click and view ads on the computer. Most PTC sites pay just a penny or two for each ad but YouData pays up to 25cents! So I definitely recommend this one if you’d like to make some easy quick extra cash each month!

These three payments have a combined total of $53.82 and these payments brought my total earnings online to $2659.54!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

4 Responses to “Make Money Online Free, Fast, and Easy! – Proof of Payments!”

  1. Wireworks

    Great post! Very informative and helpful… I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog, I'm sure I'd visit here more often. Maybe, you want to come by my site too. It's mainly about Do it Yourself Credit Repair . I'm sure you'd find it useful. thanks!

  2. TriNi


    thanks… yeah I do put alot of work into my blog.. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Carmen

    I'm frustrated with IM Report Card. Whenever I post a review of a service or product (etc.), it doesn't even post in my Pendings. I don't get credit for it! I don't know whats wrong with it :( My account is still active and I can get points grading but ever since I suggested something for a review, it didn't show up, and ever since, no credits have shown up for pending!

  4. TriNi

    @Carmen, have you contacted the admin? Check in the forum and you can make a post about it there or you can contact them personally through the contact form on the site.

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