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Hey guys, how was your weekend?

Hope everyone had a fun one! Here in New York, we hit over 90 degrees! So it was awesome weather to have fun outside.

deal barbie pays, fun games, signs Anyway, here’s a fun post for ya. Like I mentioned in an early post, Deal Barbie Pays recently launched a chat room, in which they sometimes hold games and tournaments, where members can earn cash and prizes! It’s an extremely fun way to make money fast and easy!

Here are a few of the games with their descriptions taken straight from the site!

Create a Word-
Use the letters given to form a word. All words must be 3 letters or longer.
Each user will be given 20 seconds to make a word.(Rotating every other member from each team) If they are unable to make a word (that hasn’t already been listed) they will receive 0 points & it will go to the next user called. Each time a new word is made the team will receive 1 point. Everyone will have a chance to make one word (pending teams are even).
No formal names or abbreviations and no repeated words each game.
There will be 4 rounds. (4 sets of letters)
The team with the most points win.
Winning Team = 15 Signs for each member
Losing Team = 5 Signs for each member

Family Feud-
2 members face off (one from each team) to see which team will gain control of that particular question. Whoever guesses the more popular answer gets to play that round. The team in control then attempts to give all the popular answers on the board.
The team gets a “strike” if they give an answer that is not on the board or fail to respond. 3 strikes cause the team to relinquish control of the board and the other team then gets the chance to steal the points if they correctly guess one of the remaining answers. The entire team may confer before the answer is given. Any remaining answers are then revealed.
There are 4 rounds.
Rounds 1 & 2 are regular, Round 2 is double points, & Round 3 is triple points.
Winning Team = 15 Signs for each member
Losing Team = 5 Signs for each member

All chatters choose 2 numbers that reflect each other such as 12 and 21 and the first 2 that have both numbers called yell REFLECT into chat and win 1st 20 Signs and 2nd 10 Signs. ( Numbers available 12-98). There will be 5 rounds total meaning 5 chances to win!

Pick a number between 1 and 75 at the begining of the chat game (give to admin)! The first 10 numbers called each game are the DB Roulette numbers. If your number comes out in the first 10 numbers called, you win 10 Signs!

Mini Keno-
Pick 8 numbers between 1 and 99 at the begining of the chat game (give to admin)!
The first 20 numbers called each game are the Keno numbers.
4 matches = 10 Signs 5 matches = 25 Signs 6 matches = 50 Signs
7 matches = 100 Signs 8 matches = 200 Signs

Remember signs are like points, and can be exchanged for cash on this site! Making money from home has never been more fun!

Sign up at Deal Barbie Pays today, to find out when the next round of games will be.

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