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make money online freeHaha isn’t that a nice title? :P

Anyway, just had to update you guys because I just came out of an extremely FUN game on Deal Barbie Pays! It was two rounds on Family Feud, Deal Barbie Pays style!

It was held in a chat room sort of atmosphere where the members in the chat were put on two teams. Deal Barbie Pays members on one team, against some members from another GPT site on their team. The rest of the game followed the same pattern as the regular Family Feud gameshow.

Well the bad news is we didn’t win.. haha.. but it was extremely fun! And the good news is, we got 10 signs just for playing each game anyway! So that was 20 signs free, just for showing up and playing the game and having fun! What more could you ask for? By the way, the prize if we did win, was 25 signs for each member.

But I honestly didn’t care because it was just too much fun! The admin of Deal Barbie Pays has decided to keep the chat box, and have a regular schedule for games like these. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now and get ready for the next time we play! I know I’m definitely going to be there! Remember you must be 18 and older, and a resident of the United States, to register for this one!

On another note, I’ve now made payout on all the sites that I’m active with. :) Remember payout is the minimum that you must reach on the site in order to receive a check or payment. Payout on these 3 survey sites are set at $20. Here are my total earnings as of now.

* April’s Earnings: $50.93
* Points: 952

(Hey I didn’t even realize I was that close to 1000 points until now! I’m definitely going to go for it and request my $50 gift card this month! Summer’s almost here, I could use a new bathing suit ;) haha. Victoria’s Secret here I come!)

Deal Barbie Pays

* Balance: $23.94
* Signs: 972.70

(There are a few great promos coming up on this site, one of them being $1 bonus for every 3 offers completed on the 21st of April!)

Squishy Cash

* Your Balance: $24.85
* Chips: 94.00

(And I’m still 3rd place in the contest!)


* 79

That’s about it! Total Earnings so far for April stand at $99.72! Hey I’ll take it! It’s free money that I had to do very minimal work to get! I’m not saying doing offers, etc is no work at all, but come on! While I’m doing offers, here is just a list of things I do at the same time:

1. Eat
2. Listen to music
3. Talk on the phone
4. Eat some more
5. Dance around a bit
6. Text
7. Watch tv
8. IM people
9. Chat on the forums
10. Eat some more.

LOL. I can hardly call that “working”. haha!

So yup, anyways, a little off topic… Today I had an appointment, and then for the evening I helped one of my cousin’s with a school project. She’s coming back tomorrow to complete it so I won’t be doing as much online either. But it’s okay, cuz that just goes to show, I do have a normal life, and I’m not some crazy person that does offers/surveys 24/7 online.

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