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A few months ago, everytime I did a “total earnings update”, IM Report Card would be one of my top money makers.

However, recently, I haven’t had as much time to participate on the site, and because I’ve been a member for a while, the number of things I can comment on are limited. I’ve probably commented on all the products/programs/sites that I’ve used or that I’m a member of. With that said, while it’s still easy to make money on IMReportCard by grading or rating, it definitely would take a while to add up.

Also, about a month ago, one of my referrals got banned for using the site the wrong way. The bad thing about their referral program, is that when one of your referrals get banned, the points that they earned and earned you, automatically get deducted from your account as well, EVEN THOUGH you were not responsible for the fraud that they committed. Therefore, because of one of my referral’s wrong doing, my account balance on IMReportCard is now a negative number. In order to reach payout again of 2000 credits, I will need to cancel out this negative number and bring my account back to 0, and then continue earning my way to 2000 credits. That could definitely take a while.

I always found this to be a fault of their “referral program”, however, I never complained because of the fact that they matched your referral earnings 100%. That is extremely high for any site.

However, and a big however, in recent times, IM Report Card has now removed their referral program!

That means you no longer get paid anything for having people sign up under you.

While I agree that 100% referral commission is very high, I do not agree with them removing it completely. I believe that there are many options and routes they could have taken, such as:

1. Lessen the referral commission. Eg. instead of matching 100% of referral earnings, IMRC could have matched 25%

2. Limit the amount that could be earned from referrals. Eg. after earning 500 credits, you earn no more from that specific referral.

3. Give a fixed amount of credits for each new referral. Eg. for every referral you receive 50 or 100 credits added to your account, however you do not earn credits from the comments/grades/etc that they post.

Besides finding an alternative to removing the referral program completely, a lot of IMReportCard members are upset that there was no notice about this drastic change in the website. There was no email or post on the forum. A thread has been started by another member on the forum, and there was no reply by an Admin or member of staff either even after about two weeks or so.

I have shared these opinions of mine in this thread on the IMRC forum. You can read my opinions and also other members opinions about the removal of the referral program here: IMReportCard Removes Referral Program.

While I will not call IMReportCard a scam, since they definitely do pay, I am very disappointed in the way that IMRC staff has handled this change.

However you can still make money at IMReportCard by commenting, voting, grading and rating products, services, and people. At least for now…

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Reanna R

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My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

5 Responses to “IMReportCard Has Removed Their Referral Program.”

  1. ebele

    The lack of communication from them is building distrust. Communication is extremely important and they're not doing that. And in the midst of it all, they send an email about other site developments when they should be dealing openly with the matter at hand?

    Hmm. Strange. Unusual. And rather disappointing.

  2. Video games for couples

    Wow, that's really surprising. I myself haven't used the site in awhile because a lot of the products/programs listed on the site are get-rich-quick schemes that I don't fall for and therefore, cannot write an accurate review.

    I always wonder how sites can afford to pay for referrals at all; I guess because a lot of one's referrals may be inactive. Thanks for the update!

  3. TriNi


    You're so right. Their lack of participation in the thread to address this matter or even send out an email informing their members is definitely disappointing.

    @Video games for couples,

    I agree, a lot of the new products they've put up are "paid" products, and I haven't used them myself.. so I haven't been posting that many comments or reviews either.

  4. Red_Dragon


    Not sure if anyone else got the email, but IMReportCard is no LONGER even paying money!! I don't believe it when i received the email from me it just stunned me. I loved the fact that they paid via paypal and was really hoping on the $20 i was gonna get for some other things online, well i guess that is life. They are now giving you "Services" for your points. I regret not utilizing imreportcard to its fullest now.

    The only site i am on right now that pays via paypal is GreenbackStreet cash back…..and then that is not fully guaranteed either. Well, i guess everything has to come to and end. All we have to do now is hope that another great free online site will come around that can pay via paypal. I appreciate your opinions on the matter


  5. TriNi


    I believe you commented while I was in the midst of doing my other post.

    Yes I also got that email.

    Read my thoughts on it here: IMReportCard No More Cash For Credits!

    As for sites that pay via PayPal, I'm not sure about any other "review" sites such as this one.. however there are a few GPT sites and some others that I belong to that DOES pay via paypal. You can find them right here on this blog.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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