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My schedule for the rest of the week is pretty packed so I figured I should get a few more blog posts out of the way.

Here are some more proof of payments I’ve received recently, this time from GPT sites.

GPT sites, or get paid to sites, are sites that pay you to do simple things online. The main thing most GPT sites focus on are offers. Offers are sort of like surveys, but they require less thinking. There are two different kinds of offers; 100% FREE offers, and Trial offers (which require a credit card and sometimes a purchase).

100% Free offers are the only ones I complete. It is just something I prefer to do, because I do not like giving out my credit card info online. 100% free offers pay anywhere from about 10cents to about $2 each. I’ve even done a free offer once worth $4!

There is a basic “format” to completing a 100% free offer, and it’s sort of like clockwork once you get the hang of it.

I provide my referrals with a tutorial guide that would help them complete offers with the least effort and have the best approval rate.

If you haven’t gotten that tutorial guide, please send me a message or leave a comment on my blog, and I will definitely get that guide to you.

Here is my 9th payment from which is probably one of the best GPT sites in my opinion. The fact that I’ve gotten paid nine times definitely tells you that they are legit and not a scam!

- They have a wide variety of 100% Free offers and Trial offers as well.
- There are daily surveys that can be done every 24 hours & each pay between 5 casino chips & $0.50!
- They have tons of contests on a daily basis where you can win/earn more cash.
- They have a very active forum and chatbox where you can get help.
- Their referral program allows you to earn 25% of what your friends make in cash offer earnings! PLUS you get $1 per active referral! This means every time someone you refer completes their first offer (becomes active), you get $1! You can earn this bonus from your very first referral!
- They start you off with $5 in your account, so you just have to earn $15 more before you can get paid!
- They pay via PayPal, Amazon, or Check, which is very convenient!
- You get $1 bonus for posting your proof of payment on their forum.
- They have Squishy Slots which is very fun and quite addictive to play.

Those are just a few of the reasons I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure once you become a member, you will find a lot more reasons to love Squishy Cash.

make money online, gpt sites, scam

I also redeemed my “Casino Chips” (which are like points) a while ago, and received my $5 Amazon eGiftCard via email.

amazon egiftcard, redeem points for prizes online

If you think $20 is too much for you to earn before you get paid, and a month is too long to wait, then you might want to consider this other GPT site,, where payments are done twice per month, and payout is only $1. That means you only have to earn $1 before you can request your payment.

Here is my most recent payment from Dollar Click or Sign Up

dollarclickorsignup proof of payment, scam, gpt

These bring my total earnings online to $9082.38. I think I might reach that 10k mark fast that I thought!

Now I’m off to making dinner!

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Reanna R

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My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

4 Responses to “Proof Of Payments From GPT Sites.”

  1. Laura

    Hi Trini,

    Have you heard anything about Amazon Mechanical Turk?

    Also, I was wondering if you could give your readers an idea of how much time you put into generating your income each month. I'm working hard to build my blog, but I expect that you be slow until I can get more traffic. Any advice would be helpful. :)

  2. TriNi

    Hi there Laura,

    Yes I have heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk, and can vouch that it is definitely legit as it is run by, a very well known company… but I myself haven't had the time to try it yet. Maybe I will soon and if I do, I'll review it as well.

    As for time I put into my blog.. I try to put at least one hour a day into doing blogwork. Whether it's blog posting, or behind the scenes work like SEO etc. Sometimes I do much more hours.. sometimes much less. So it definitely varies. But the rule of thumb is to have at least a goal time and try as best to stick to it as you can.

    And yes.. you do start of slow before you can get more traffic. I visited your blog and I think you're off to a great start! Keep pushing forward.

    As for tips.. research and try as best as you can to learn what SEO is and then apply what you've learned to your blog and keep doing it. You'll definitely reap success from it a few years down the road!

  3. Marlene

    Congrats on all of your earnings! I just wanted to let you know that you are a great inspiration to anyone trying to make money online. You have created one the best sites that I have come across.

  4. TriNi


    Aw thank you.. that means a lot. I work really hard on it so it definitely feels good when others appreciate it. That is definitely what I hope to do with this site, inspire others to start their own online journey to making some extra cash!

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