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My last post talked about a popular survey site, and whether it was a scam. Vindale Research Scam Or Legit discusses with screen-shots and proof of payment, how to make money on Vindale Research.

panda research, scam, surveys Today, I’m going to write about another popular survey site, Panda Research. Panda Research is similar to Vindale, however they might be a bit better since I found that they have a lot more surveys available that do not cost any money or require a credit card.

Panda Research is free to join and be sure to check your email and confirm your registration and also complete the short questionnaire upon confirming, because you receive $3 credited to your account after doing so!

The confirmation email looks like the image below, and would contain a link that says “Click here to confirm your registration to Panda Research” (Or something along those lines.)

panda research scam, legit, $3 bonus
^Click image for larger view, opens in a new window.

There is a long list of offers available on Panda Research as you can see below. Many of them, usually the high paying ones, do require a credit card, however there are many others that do not! There’s also the “My Studies” tab, and “Easy Offers” tab, that contain many more free offers that do not require a credit card.

panda research scam, legit, make money taking surveys online
^Click for larger view, opens in a new window.

As you can also see from the above screenshot, my current balance is $7.03, after signing up in less than a day.

A break down of my earnings is as follows:
- $3 bonus for signing up and completing the registration survey.
- $4 for completing a free Insurance Quote. (Did not require a credit card)
- $0.03 for opening my first paid email.

Yes, Panda Research also sends out paid emails where you can also make money just for opening them and verifying that you’ve read it. This usually is done by clicking a link within the email.

Here’s a screen-shot of my first paid email from Panda Research.

paid email panda research
^Click for larger view, opens in a new window.

To register and be eligible for offers, the following is required:

* You must be at least 18 years old.
* You must be a resident of United States.
* The account information that you provide us must be accurate and complete. You must register using your valid email address only.
* Absolutely no proxy servers. These aren’t allowed at all and will be traced so don’t put you in rejection stage. Follow the ethics and enjoy winning at our portals.
* Turn off your website accelerators.

Panda Research process 100% payments by PayPal. All payments are made in multiples of $50 USD. For example, if your balance is $52.70, you will receive a payment of $50 USD. If your balance is $102.70, you will receive a payment of $100 USD. In both examples, the remaining $2.70 will remain in your account and count towards a future payment.

Once you have reached the minimum payment threshold and requested payment from Panda Research, your payment will be sent within 30 days of that request. A random phone verification might be performed from the support department to keep fraud related activity in check.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

8 Responses to “Panda Research Scam Or Legit? Make Money Taking Surveys And Trying Products Online.”

  1. Austin A.

    You find the most interesting ways to make money online. I never get tired of reading your blog posts. I joined by clicking the banner, I hope I joined as your referral.

  2. TriNi

    @Austin, thanks for joining, I'm working on making payout myself which is indeed set a bit high at $50, but if you need help with anything let me know.

  3. dede

    I have get to recieve a payment from Panda Research. The surveys are to get you to spend money. I need money.

  4. TriNi


    The payout is definitely set high at $50. I myself have not reached it yet, but I'm almost halfway there. I have seen others post their payment proofs though. Yes, some of the surveys do require your credit card, but there are quite a few that don't as well.

  5. john.hoosier

    never received a penny after 18 months.Finally had enough sense to waste no more time.

  6. trini

    @john.hoosier, I’m sorry you never got paid. I personally haven’t either, but to be fair, I can’t say this is because Panda Research is a scam, it’s just because I personally haven’t even logged in there in quite a while so I don’t do anything on that site. I’m too busy with other things.

  7. vie

    i have been paid with panda 50.00. its great,with all the negative remarks ive heard, i didnt think i would get paid, butbi did and im happy i didnt quit after hearing the negative comments

  8. trini


    Thank you for confirming your payment with us! I am happy to hear that you got paid. Personally, I haven’t spent as much time completing surveys there to reach the payout, but it’s nice to know that they are indeed legit and actually do pay.

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