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Happy July!

My oh my, where does the time seem to be going huh? We’re officially a little more than halfway through the year!

I have had such a busy crazy year so far, and my daily life routine has changed drastically that sometimes I don’t even know what day it is.

I have so many backed up posts… so here today, I’m going to try to list a few of the payments I’ve received over the past week or so.

These are some of the quick and easy ways to make money online free!

Here are 4 YouData Payments I’ve received in the past month or so. If you don’t know what YouData is, I really recommend you read my post YouData – The best PTC site.

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youdata proof of payment

Those 4 payments add up to $4.66. Here is a snapshot of my current progress on YouData.

youdata progress, how to make money online

Now at first glance, anyone would say; “Wow, well you have a ton of referrals so obviously it’s easy for you to make money”. But remember a few things:

1. Those referrals have to be clicking ads and making money themselves for me to make anything off them.

2. I also log in frequently and click my own ads, so not ALL of my income is from referrals.

3. I worked my tush off on this blog so each referral I got, I earned it! You can do the same.

Almost $70 since I’ve been a member of this site. Not bad for a PTC (paid to click) site.

Another payment I received recently was from Cloud Crowd, which is a Facebook based application that allows you to work from home online. Like I said I’ve been pretty busy lately with my new responsibilities and haven’t gotten time myself to do any tasks on Cloud Crowd, so this is all referral earnings. However, the amount you can make doing the work yourself is much more! Some simple tasks pay more than $1 to complete! Imagine if you can complete about 20 of those. That’s $20 in easy money from home!

cloudcrowd, make money with facebook, work from home

Here’s a post you can read for more information on How To Make Money On Facebook With Cloud Crowd.

Another way to make easy money online is by using Swagbucks to perform your searches instead of Google. By using Swagbucks to search online, just like you do with Google, you can get paid to search! Swagbucks has a “Swagstore” filled with prizes to choose from, which also includes a PayPal GiftCard where you can get paid cash via PayPal.

Here are 5 payments I cashed out for recently.

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swagbucks payment proof, paypal giftcards

Now I didn’t make all this in one month of searching. Some if it is from referrals, some is of my own searches and applying swagcodes, etc… and it took a few months or so before I accumulated this many. In fact, the last post I made about money I made on Swagbucks was back in April.

These giftcards add up to $25!

And last but not least… (for now)

Did a survey not too long ago on Pinecone Research and got my payment for that within a day or so.

pinecone research sign up link, pinecone research survey site, make money taking surveys online

This is my 44th payment from them, and they pay $3 per survey. Do the math. $132 just for taking surveys in my free time online. By the way, there is no referral program on Pinecone Research so as you can see, I STILL do some work on my own to make money online. I do not solely rely on referrals to do it for me.

All these payments have a combined total of $32.84 and it brings my total earnings online to $7841.95!

These are some of the quick and easy ways to make money online free, working from home!

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

2 Responses to “Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money Online Free!”

  1. Jenni

    how long did it take you to start getting referrals? Most of my referrals are family and friends and of course, they don't sign up because I ask them too and then they never look at it again. Right now my primary source of online money is Swagbucks, some PTC sites, Pinecone Research, YouData, and DollarSurveys. I have been a stay at home mom and have been avidly working on making an income online since February 2010 so only a few months and I have made: $372 only about $1.50 of that is from referrals. Any tips you can give me? Thanks Jennifer

  2. TriNi


    Hey there..

    Well I really didn't start focusing on referrals until about 2 months into my make money online venture. But really didn't start getting any referrals until about 6 months into it. I guess after that 2 months.. I started really putting in work on my blog .. and by the 6 month mark.. I was averaging .. at least 1 or 2 new refs a week.

    I applaud your effort to start making money from home. Seems like you're off to a great start! :)

    When it comes to referrals.. I'd really suggest you start by creating a blog. It doesn't HAVE to be about making money.. because there are quite alot of those and it's pretty tough to compete in that market for traffic… but anything you are good at. Being a stay at home mom, I'm sure you're good at a lot of things or have several interests. Then gradually, as you build your blog with Content.. and if you begin researching SEO and how it works (backlinks and all that stuff) and start applying it to your blog. Place some of those referral banners up there and I can guarantee you'll see success!

    But remember.. nothing happens over night.. and this is one of those things that just takes time. And continuous work.

    Good luck dear!

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