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As always with this Make Money Online Free blog, I don’t always talk about what works for me and the ways I make money online free, but I’ve also promised to discuss things that DON’T work for me, which include scams, and other programs that I just find to be a total waste of time.

So today I’d like to talk about SurveyHead.

Surveyhead is a website like Pinecone Research, where you are sent emails whenever there is a new survey available for you. Surveys are usually assigned depending on if you suit the demographics the survey is looking for.

The difference between SurveyHead and Pinecone Research is that with Surveyhead, the amount you are paid varies depending on the survey. I’ve gotten surveys worth anywhere between $1 and $5. With Pinecone Research, you are paid the same amount each time you complete a survey. My payment per survey at Pinecone Research is a fixed $3. I have heard others getting paid $5 per survey completed. I believe it all depends on the time you signed up.

Anyway, before I start talking about why I found SurveyHead to be an utter waste of time in my opinion, let me post the following screen shot so you can follow along.

surveyhead account

In the above image, it shows a snapshot of my account so far. You can see that I’ve earned a total of $25 and have $6 pending.

Now take a look below.

survey history
^click for larger view, opens in a new window.

Above you’ll see a breakdown of how I earned that $25 dollars and which surveys I took. You can see that I got a $5 bonus for signing up. You can also see how much I earned for a particular survey I took, and the last line says Cash Out Request, because I’ve requested my payment which they will send via Paypal.

Now that all seems fine and dandy, but here are my issues with this company!

1. If you look at the date I registered, you’ll see that I registered on the 25th of October, 2008. I cashed out on July 17th, 2009. That means that the $25 I earned took me 10 months!

2. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a lot of the surveys I took above stayed pending for a VERY long time. It was not until I contacted support, not once but TWICE, that my surveys magically started crediting. It seemed to me like if I had never contacted them, I would have just been waiting still.

3. As if THAT isn’t bad enough, after I requested my payment, I got a message saying that it would take up to 4 weeks. That’s another month I have to wait, making it about 11 months, for $25.

I’m always talking about how every little bit add up on this site, but I only mean it for the sites that don’t require as much work. Eg, I make a little at a time on a paid to click site, YouData, but I only take about less than 2 minutes to click and view those ads.

These surveys on SurveyHead are usually pretty lengthy. They take at least 10 or 15 minutes to complete, sometimes even more. And in my opinion, I don’t think waiting almost a year to make only $25 is worth it. The only reason I stuck with this site for so long is because I believed that money I made doing those surveys was owed to me and I was determined to at least cash out once. Now I’m not so sure I’m going to keep this account anymore. I might just leave them with the $6 I have pending, because it’s probably going to take another year to get to me.

So in conclusion, I’d like to say that I would NOT recommend this survey site to anyone! As for if it really pays, I’m not even sure! If or when I receive my payment I’ll post it.

But it takes way too long to make money online on this site, and in my opinion, it’s just not worth the time.

If you’re looking to get paid for taking surveys online, then stick to Pinecone Research.

** Edit to add **
This was written as my first impression of this company but after re-reading it, I realized I was pretty hard on them and sort of made it sound as though they were a scam. They are not. After this post, I have been paid by SurveyHead, and I can say for sure they are definitely a legit survey site.

See my Surveyhead Proof Of Payment post for more info.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

9 Responses to “Surveyhead get paid to take surveys online?”

  1. Mkcoy

    Hey sis thanks for your coms on my last post. I feel you about how every little helps but how it's not worth it when you have to wait so long. Yet we stick with it because they owe us that money and you put the work in to get it. It's disheartining when you have to open support tickets to get them to do something that should be automatic anyway. This is an honest review of that place but I hope you do get your money! PS. It's my birtday tomorow just reminding you :p ;)


  2. Melanie

    It really is amazing how different one persons experience can be with different sites. Especially when it comes to survey sites.

    I've had a lot of luck with surveyhead and have been paid almost monthly by them since January.

    You are right. Some of the surveys can be a bit lengthy but I don't mind if they are paying more than a $1 or $2.

  3. Miss Money Hunter

    Wow, congratulations on cashing out – I will be VERY interested to see if you do receive the payment you requested. I decided a while back that Surveyhead was a waste of time for me, I'm not sure I've ever even actually qualified for a survey there – I'd spend a bunch of time going thru the qualification stuff only to be told I didn't qualify.

    I also think they more or less operate as a "clearinghouse" for surveys that are being held elsewhere – sort of like GreenfieldOnline does except Greenfield does pay, I just never seem to qualify for most of theirs either plus the percentage of theirs that pay cash now as opposed to 6-7 years ago is pretty low and I'm not really interested in most of those "sweepstakes entry" surveys, my time's not well spent if I'm not getting paid cash, in my opinion.

    But yeah, I am not absolutely certain but I think some of the same surveys at the more reliable survey sites are sort of aggregated/collected by SurveyHead and you'd probably be better off joining a few of the established and reputable sites.

    I have six I do regularly – ACOP, Opinion Outpost, NFO/MySurvey (Anne Parks), SurveySpot, Toluna (was Your2Cents), and MindfieldOnline. All but Mindfield have paid me (in ACOP's case many times) and I expect to be paid by Mindfield before long. Some pay PayPal. ACOP, Opinion Outpost, and NFO all say they pay "within 4-6 weeks" but the last couple of times I've cashed out with each I've gotten my check within about two weeks.

    Anyway, all are linked in my Survey section on my blog if you want to check them out, I guarantee five of the six are reliable and pretty sure about Mindfield, just haven't been able to cash out there yet (I was suspicious of it at first but it appears to be on the up and up).

    Most of them send survey invites and qualifiers pretty regularly and many several a week – except for ACOP, which doesn't send as many (maybe one or two a month, sometimes more) but the good thing about ACOP's is their pay per survey is almost always 8 bucks or more.

    Anyway check them out and feel free to sign up if you're not in any of them already, if you like doing surveys I think you'll be pleased, and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email or a comment.

    PS Synovate is also good but I think I have gotten myself locked out of my account and not even sure I still have one there anymore LOL – I haven't made much money there over the years but they were always great with sending LOTS of terrific products to try out!

  4. TriNi

    Wow thanks for all the great info Miss Money Hunter! And thanks for stopping by. I will surely check out the sites you mentioned and Sign up with a couple of them and give them a try!

    Thanks again :)

    Yes surveyhead is indeed a waste of time in my opinion as well lol.

  5. TriNi

    @ Melanie

    Wow congrats to you! I'm happy you've had success with them.. I'm glad to hear they do pay as well cuz I want my $25 lol.

    But you're right.. our experience was totally different and yeah I don't think I'm sticking around there to get another check. This one just took wayyy too long!

  6. Danielle

    I actually am having somewhat of a success with Survey Head. I haven't been paid yet, but I'm working on it. I really liked how all the member profiles were paid ones because it added up pretty quickly. It's not the greatest survey site in the world, but I think it's rather decent. Congrats on cashing out!

    Oh, and Miss Money Hunter, Synovate had some kind of problem and disappeared for awhile, that's probably why you can't get in. It came back awhile ago, but it's not good anymore. There is no activity on the site, it seems like it's been abandoned. So no loss there!

  7. TriNi


    I'm glad you're having success with them. I mean it's probably a really legit site and everything, I just found that it doesn't work for me. Patience was never my strong suit! Good luck and hope you cash out soon.

    Happyyy birthdayyy and thanks for stopping by :)

  8. RCB

    Hey TriNi,
    Yeah i always heard good things about Pinecone Research. But for some reason I never got accepted into their program. I have in every other survey site I signed up with. But not Pinecone.

    A fixed $3 sounds pretty good. How many per month you getting from them ??

  9. TriNi


    Yup I love P.R.

    Sorry you never got in :/ I'm not sure what the criteria is that they look for.

    Anyway I make about $12 at least from them a month. Maybe more maybe less, but I get about 4 surveys a month average. :)

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