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This post is a bit of a follow-up to my last post: Make Money Online With Freelance Writing Jobs. I discussed a bunch of ways in which you could write articles online and get paid. Today I’d like to expand a bit on one of the sites I mentioned,

textbroker, make money online writing articles TextBroker is a site that connects clients to authors; people that need content (articles) written, and people that want to write content (articles). Clients pay TextBroker, and in return, TextBroker pays their authors. You can sign up as an author with TextBroker, and get paid to write articles online. It is a great way to make money by working from home. However, please note that at this time, they only accept US residents and citizens. They pay via Paypal and you can cash out as soon as your balance reaches $10. Pay per article varies depending on what is required, but most average around $2.

After signing up, you will be required to write a short writing sample just to ensure that you’re qualified when it comes to grammar, punctuation, etc. Then after your article is graded, you will be given a “classification” in stars. This is like a grade that determines your level of writing. You will be allowed to complete articles where the client has requested a minimum classification of your amount of stars, or less.

Me personally, I love writing, but I just simply do not have the kind of time that is required to write many articles. Between a full time job, being a wife, running this blog, and making money online in other ways (like taking surveys, etc.), I simply do not have much time on my hands lately.

In fact, I have been a member of TextBroker for a long time now, and never got the chance to actually write an article until I was doing that blog post yesterday on Freelance Writing Jobs, and decided to take a second look through TextBroker. I actually found an article I was interested in writing and it took me about 15 minutes or less to complete it!

Today I’m here to post that my article was accepted by the client and the money has been credited to my account!

I got the following email today.

Dear Author,

The customer has accepted the article “Ways to Make a Personalized T Shirt”.
Your payment has been credited to your Textbroker account. Please review our FAQ on payment for details on transferring from your Textbroker account to your PayPal account. The article will be reviewed and rated (7 to 10 days) by our editorial staff.


Your Textbroker Service Team

Textbroker International LLC
5940 S. Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
United States

Phone: (702) 835-9340
Fax: (702) 553-4256

And here’s a screenshot of my earnings in my account on TextBroker.

textbroker scam, payment proof
^Click on image, opens in a new window.

In my opinion, the best thing about TextBroker is that the articles are not hard and do not take a long time to write. Most of them only require about 250 words. The pay per article might only be about $2 compared to other freelance writing sites, where you get paid about $15 per article. But on most other freelance writing sites, they require a lot more words, and that the article meet an extremely professional standard before it is accepted.

Another good thing I like is that it is much more flexible than other freelance writing sites. Meaning you choose to write articles whenever you have the time, and you can choose the topic you would like to write about.

I’m hoping to write a few more articles before the month is over. Let’s hope I find the time. This can be a nice little boost to my total income for August.

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My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

19 Responses to “TextBroker Scam Or Legit? Make Money Online Writing Articles!”

  1. ebele

    Aww, that's great, hun! Glad you finally took the leap. I think writing at TextBroker will definitely suit you as you can fit it in as and when.

    Well done again!

  2. TriNi


    Thanks! Yup, hopefully I could pull through a few more articles there. :)

  3. Laura

    First, nice blog. I found you through my RSS reader. I'm still taking a look around, but I like what I see so far. :)

    I've been approved to write for TB forever, but can never bring myself to write an article for them. When business is slow, I sometimes think about it, but I was approved at 4 stars and I have trouble selecting an article to write for $4 or $5. I know several writers who started their careers with them though and have nothing but praise for TB.

  4. TriNi


    Nice of you to stop by! :) I hope you enjoy looking around. I'll be sure to visit your blog/site as well.

    Yes that was my first and only article I've written thus far. I dunno, I'll check back and see if there's anything else I'm interested in, but for the most part. I hate writing for money online because I'm almost ALWAYS never interested in the topic at hand lol and research work just isn't my cup of tea.

    4 stars is great! I got approved with 3 stars. Maybe you should consider writing an article sometime and try it and see how it works for you.

    Either way good luck!!

  5. jo

    I love TB. My only complaint is that writers must fill out a tax form…which sort of takes the incentive in writing for them away. Who wants to halve a penny per word with the IRS? I still write for TB, but spend most of my efforts in places that do not require a tax form. For example, Triond –

  6. TriNi


    I've heard of Triond as well, but haven't gotten the time to give it a try. Glad to hear it's working for you. :)

  7. Melissa

    I just signed up with Textbroker and can't wait to get started, but it seems like they pay less than other places. Where in the world do you get paid $15 per article? I recently lost my job and I'd love to do this for my income!

  8. TriNi


    Writing articles are a great source of income! I know Demand Studios used to pay $15 an article, but I'm not sure if they still do since they merged with eHow. Also, Constant Content, (, seem to pay quite a lot too. also pays about $12 to $25 an article I believe, so you can check those out. Good luck hun!

  9. Charlene Rubush

    I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thanks for the great info. I’m ready to jump into the writing for online sites pool.

  10. trini

    Textbroker is great. I actually got a payment from them that I will post a little later this month.

  11. Steph

    Textbroker is a great site to work for, and it is possible to get decent pay. I’m a level 5 writer but usually stick with level 4 articles (since there are so few in level 5) and generally make $5-10 per article. And it only takes 20-30 minutes to complete an order.

  12. trini

    @Steph, I’m glad you have so much success there! And awesome .. you being a level 5! I’m only a 2, but I’ve only written a couple of articles.

  13. Linda

    Totally agree, I passed the writing test with a level three but as SOON as I found out you need to submit a W-9 form . Um , no . So great , I got screwed by another writing site this week , zemandi ,and NOW THIS one wants to TAX my future piddly earnings !!

    And the thought of Textbroker getting my personal information , social security number , etc.. make me kinda squirm . Plus , the more forms you fill out for places you are working the easier chance you have of being audited . I do NOT want to be audited for 1.70 . My husband and I work too hard and we are honest with our tax information.

    So the person that wrote this article never updated . So what happened with Textbroker ,Trini , did you ever make any more than the 1.70 ? Let us know .

  14. Linda

    Oh and please let me clarify because I know someone is going to say “So you are honest but you want to work without filing a w9 . ”

    No , that is not what I mean before anyone says it. What I am saying is that BEFORE I fill out a tax form giving a company my personal information I want to know that I am going to be making a substantial amount of money in the thousands to risk an audit .

    Because If I am not , then I do not want to risk it for a few dollars and on top of it , you don’t know what these sites DO with your personal information , do you ? Who are they even ? People actually GIVE out their social security number to TOTAL strangers ?

  15. trini

    @ Linda,

    I understand your concerns about doing a W2 and giving out your SS# and off course you are certainly entitled to your opinion! If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, then by all means don’t! But almost all LEGIT sites online require you fill out a W2. It doesn’t mean they tax your earnings. You need to earn over $600 before you have to actually claim your earnings. But you still need to fill out the W2. It’s just required by law. I have done it for several of the sites I am on because this is one of my jobs. I take working online seriously, so I decided that I am willing to take that risk of filling out the W2 as long as the company was legit.

    Secondly, I did meet payout of $10 and cashed out and got paid, so even though I haven’t updated THIS post, I have updated about it. Sorry you couldn’t find it, but here is a link to that update:

    They are 100% legit and do in fact pay their members. The reason I haven’t done any work or gotten any more payments there is because I am currently swamped and don’t have time to write any articles. With full time work, house work, and now I am back in school, it’s hard to get free time to write. I hope that answered your questions.

  16. Donna

    Hi all. I started writing for them on September 3rd, I got a first payout of $100.00. I have written every single day since I started. I like them, they pay, they are good about returning emails promptly. Some of the articles are very time consuming, if you don’t know the subject matter. Sometimes, I find it very slim pickings on there. Othen then that, I really like it…thanks for this blog..

  17. trini


    Hi and thanks for stopping by and letting us know of your success with TextBroker. Yes they are 100% legit and a great company to get paid to write articles online. Keep up the great work!

  18. Vicki

    I’ve been working for Textbroker for a couple of years now and have always had great success. The small articles are sort of nice, as you don’t have long articles that tend to become rather tiresome after a while. The short articles give you the opportunity to get into various topics and make it fun.

    They have always paid me right on time and have been fair about it. The amount paid for each article is stated right up front before you begin writing. It’s a great site and a nice place to work. Good luck to you in your new writing venues!

  19. trini

    Hey Vicki, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m glad you have success with Textbroker and I agree I prefer writing short articles for less money than long tedious ones for more.

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