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One survey site that I’ve mentioned before but not in much detail is

Toluna is a website that allows it’s members to earn rewards for completing surveys, polls and performing other activities on the site.

Here’s a little explanation of how the US version of Toluna works. Your country’s rules might be different so be sure to read after you sign up.

What are Toluna Points?

Points are a form of virtual currency, awarded to Toluna members. You will receive your initial 500 points when you sign up for Toluna.
Once you are an active member, there are many different ways for you to earn additional points:

* Content popularity bonuses (for a detailed explanation please refer to the Social Rewards section of the Toluna Tutorial)
* Writing opinions (must be 80 words or longer, points are awarded on a monthly basis after all opinions are reviewed)
* Participating in sponsored polls
* Completing your Personal Interest surveys (onetime bonus)
* Participating in online surveys
* Inviting friends to join Toluna

How many points will I earn for each action?

* Sign Up: 500 points (Awarded for advanced registration)
* Content popularity bonuses: Please refer to the Toluna Tutorial for details.
* Write an opinion: 100 points (must be over 80 words, limited to 5,000 points per month).
* Sponsored Polls: 15 – 150 Points, depending on number of questions.
* Personal interest surveys: 600 points per survey. A onetime bonus of 2,000 point bonus will be awarded upon completion of all questionnaires
* Online surveys: Online surveys: 500 points or more (depending on survey length)
* Invite a friend: 500 points (awarded if invited friend completes advanced registration)

You can redeem your points for gift cards provided by our partners, buy monthly sweepstakes tickets, or choose a cash payment. Rewards may vary by country.

As always, I try to promote sites on this blog that I’m positive are not scams, and that will pay! I have seen proof of payment from Toluna for several of my blogger friends, so I’m sure this site pays it’s members!

Now here’s the good part about Toluna. I get a lot of complaints from international members, that there are no survey sites for them to join because of their country. Toluna currently operates in several countries, and so they have several various links to sign up from, depending on your country.

Here are all the sign up links for according to country. Please click on ONLY the link of your country to sign up. In other words, if you’re from China, don’t sign up with Toluna UK.

Toluna USA

Toluna Mexico

Toluna Finland

Toluna Austria

Toluna Canada (English)

Toluna Switzerland (French)

Toluna Switzerland (German)

Toluna Spain

Toluna France

Toluna Norway

Toluna Sweden

Toluna Greece

Toluna Ireland

Toluna Australia (Male Only)

Toluna Germany

Toluna UK

If you didn’t see your country in that list, it’s because Toluna isn’t currently available for your country. Sorry about that.

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4 Responses to “Toluna Surveys – Make Money Taking Surveys Online (International Members)”

  1. Melissa W

    Hey Trini, nice post (:
    Would you like to do a link exchange?

  2. TriNi

    Hey Melissa, sure.. :) Lemme know which link and anchor text you want me to add to my blog and I'll let you know what link and anchor text I want for mine.

  3. Chris

    They are definitely a legitimate survey company. Click the link below or copy and paste it into your url bar to see a picture of the check I received from them.

  4. trini

    Hey Chris, the link you provided didn’t work for me but yes they are legitimate!

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