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pink happy new year 2013, Happy New Year 2013 to all my readers! Wishing you all the best things in life; love, peace and happiness, (things that money can never buy). But also wishing you success, wealth, and prosperity; all things that only you have control over! Remember, 2013 is a new chapter in your life. Life can be short and unpredictable. I know many people who did not live to see 2013. Be sure to make each day count.

So what are your New Year Resolutions? Some people don’t believe in making them. They say it’s a waste of time and no one ever fulfils them anyway. But new year resolutions are goals; things you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. And since when is having goals a bad thing?! If you have no aim or purpose to go somewhere or do something, how can you ever hope to get there or accomplish it?

Here are a few of my New Year Resolutions:

1. Spend more time making beautiful memories with my loved ones.
2. Be kinder to people in general, even the ones I don’t know.
3. Keep up my 4.0 GPA and graduate from college with honors.
4. Find a job – one that makes me somewhat happy.
5. Rebuild my earnings from this blog.
6. Lose weight (isn’t this always everyone’s resolution?)
7. Write a mini novel.
8. Watch more movies.
9. Paint.
10. Travel.

Those are just ten of the things I hope to accomplish this year in 2013. Whatever it is you would like to accomplish (whether it’s spending more family time or making more money), take the bull by the horns, go out there, and make it happen!

Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Mistakes and failure is a part of learning and growing. It means that you’re trying and that counts for something!

Best wishes to everyone.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

6 Responses to “Happy New Year! Make Money Online Free in 2013!”

  1. ebele

    Hey TriNi! Happy 2013 to you too! I’m sure you’ll achieve everything you’ve listed…and more. x.

    I have resolutions – well they’re not so much resolutions as things I’ve wanted to do for a while. The first and most important is to sort out my finances. They’re in a terrible state. If it’s the only thing I get on top of this year, I’ll be happy, relieved and proud of myself. :-)

    Good to see you back.


  2. scott

    I like the way you put things into perspective and you are right about who controls your destiny (you do).Most people are afraid of setting goals because they are afraid of failure.But to attempt something and
    not reach your goal is not a failure,but a learning experience.And you are 100% correct about not knowing what tomorrow holds,I know this to be a fact as I lost my mom in 2009 then in 2011 I lost my dad and my step-father both in the same week.If there is one thing I have learned it is to let my loved ones know I love them on a daily basis,because I might not have a tomorrow to let them know how I feel.Anyway great post and it hit home for me.

  3. Myrina Stein


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  4. Reanna R

    Hi Myrina, thanks for contacting me. I just responded to you via email. :)

  5. Reanna R

    I’m glad you enjoyed my post Scott. I plan to come back to this list at the end of the year and see how much of it I actually accomplished. But you’re right, it’s not the accomplishment that makes it worthwhile, but the fact that you aimed for something in the first place. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Reanna R

    Hey ebele! I’m super late as usual, but it’s great to hear from you too! I hope you sort our your finances this year. We all have things we need to work on or that we would like to achieve. I’m actually doing okay on the resolutions so far so it’s going well! Hang in there, things always have a way of working themselves out. :) Good luck dear! Hugsss back at ya!

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