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National Payday Loan Scam!

August 18th, 2010

This is a post of a different sort. It’s not a way to make money online, however, it’s a way you could “get quick cash” in the form of a loan… or well, supposedly!

I say SUPPOSEDLY, because this company that promises to give cash loans,, in my opinion, reeks SCAM!

There are literally tons of companies like these, so why am I picking on

Recently, I was approached by a man who was interested in purchasing advertising on my blog here at: Make Money Online Free. Now this doesn’t come as a surprise to me, since I have been contacted before and in fact, done paid advertising here on my blog in the past. In fact, paid advertising is a very good way to make money online from blogging.

Make Money Online Free currently ranks #1 on Google for “money online free”, #2 on Google for the terms “make money online free” and “free money online” (all without quotes), and on first page for several other terms as well; an accomplishment I’m very proud of.

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Anyway, this guy offered to pay me $100 for a year to place his ad somewhere in my sidebar.

Sounds like a good offer right? Probably not the best, but it’s $100 in additional earnings for this month.

However, on taking up his offer a bit further, I found out that the site he wanted to advertise was On doing a quick search on Google for the term “national payday scam” (without quotes), I found a ton of sites that came up claiming this site was a FRAUD! There were people complaining about getting calls from rude international voices (mostly workers from India), claiming that they had taken a loan never paid it back and that they will be prosecuted! These people claim that they are being harassed by these calls, and on several occasions, the callers have much of their personal information including the last four digits of their social security number!

I even found this report from an official government website sending out a Consumer Alert for National Payday Loans.

But wait, there was something a little different about the complaints. All of them seemed to say “national payday loan” and not just “national payday”. I was beginning to think that maybe it was a different company they were referring to.

I then did a Google search for “ scam” (without quotes). Well for one, I found that was rated F by the BBB.

I also found basically the same set of complaints as “national payday loans”.

Immediately, I emailed back the guy sending him the link to the government website that stated national payday loans was a scam and turned down his offer.

I explained to the guy that I would not promote such scams on my blog, whether I was getting paid to do it or not. It would just hurt the credibility of my blog, which is one of the factors my blog has been successful in the first place.

He then explained to me that he understood completely, and in fact, he was just hired himself to do some SEO work for this company, so it is not in fact, his company. I then replied that I understood that he was just trying to do his job, but my answer was still no.

THEN, about 10 or 15 minutes later, he replied again, stating that the company in question (national payday loans), was not the website that he was affiliated with (national payday), and that basically they were two different companies. He said he wasn’t sure if this would change my mind.

I replied that it was still too much of a close call for me to know the difference and my answer was still no.

I did find it strange that this was not his FIRST reply to my claim that the company was a scam and it took him at least 10 minutes to defend his company. That just seemed a little “fishy” to me.

Besides, I have heard on many occasions, of companies that were proven to be a scam, changing their name and working under a new and similar name.

But off course, I am not blaming this guy in any way, because like he said, he was simply hired to do work for this company. I guess as long as he gets paid, it doesn’t really matter much to him.

But for me, it’s different. It matters because I promote a scam on my blog, and lose my “credibility” factor with my readers.

So basically, I turned down $100 this month for you guys. LOL.

I try to keep my mission on this blog as clear as when I first started it. LEGIT ways to make money online. Things that are NOT scams! And I can tell you right now, that everything I discuss here on this blog, I believe to be 100% legit. I have either been paid by them, or saw someone else’s proof of payment. If anything that is currently on my blog turns out to be a scam, then I truly TRULY from the bottom of my heart, apologize.

This is the reason I tend to stick to only mentioning a few sites on my blog. There are many other GPT sites, PTC sites, etc. In fact, I’ve been contacted numerous times from owners of other GPT sites asking me to promote their site on my blog and I have refused. Not because their sites were scams; but most of the time, they were very new sites, and I just didn’t trust that they would be around for a long time.

So are National Payday Loan and National Payday two different companies? You be the judge. But for me, it’s too close to call. I would advise to stay away from BOTH!

Like I always mention on this blog, I know times can get tough sometimes, but there are always options. You can make a little money online in your spare time. You can find yourself a part time job somewhere. Never hesitate or be too proud to ask a family member for some help. If things get worst, check out your local food banks etc. But my advise would be to stay away from companies promising you any type of loans, cash advance, etc, because there’s almost always a catch! You might be digging yourself into a much deeper hole than you expect.

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2 Responses to “National Payday Loan Scam!”

  1. Anonymous

    When you first start getting offers like that for advertising it is exciting but it soon becomes more trouble than it is worth. Most of the things people want to advertise are on the shady side.

    I no longer accept any advertising on my blog and just use affiliate banners instead. If you are able to find the right ones, you will probably make more than they are offering.


  2. TriNi

    Thanks DJN,

    Yup, I've realized that with my recent success in the search engines.. I've had a ton of offers. I really do need to pick carefully which ones I'm going to accept though. I will definitely do my research about all of them before I say yes to anything… because you're right.. almost 99% of them turn out to be shady stuff.

    Thanks for the great advice as always. :)

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