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For the past week or so, I’ve been busy working on transferring this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I talked about everything from which hosting company I thought was best, to how I actually did the transfer, but today I’d like to go back to what this blog is mainly about; and that’s making money online free!

I’m going to post a screenshot of my Paypal account from January 13th, to January 31st, 2011… which is where I left off when it comes to posting payment proofs.

proof of payments, make money online free, free money online,

^Click on the image for a larger view, it opens in a new window.

As you can see, I got 2 payments from Pinecone Research which adds up to $6.

I received my MaxBounty payment which was $391.34, probably one of my biggest, if not THE biggest one yet!

YouData paid me 3 times, a total of $3.60.

Swagbucks sent me 2 PayPal gift cards that I requested a while back, a total of $10.

I received a payment from Dollar Click or Sign Up for $22.53.

The $47.75 you’re seeing came from a private client that purchased advertising here on my blog. His name is blacked out for privacy reasons.

AppRedeem paid me twice for a total of $1.

I got a penny, $0.01, fromCloud Crowd. I guess that came from referral earnings because I haven’t done any work there in a long time.

And last but not least, Squishy Cash sent me a payment for $33.46!

Besides, PayPal, I get paid in various other ways as well, and one of those ways is via Amazon Gift Cards. I really like these because I shop a lot on, and I like their feature of having a “balance”, so I usually just add the codes to my balance until I find something I want to purchase.

One of the sites that pay me via Amazon gift cards is Zoombucks, which is a site just like Swagbucks in that they pay you to search online, (along with other things as well).

You can read a full review of how it works at Sites Like Swagbucks.

Anyway, here’s a screen shot of my Zoombucks account.

amazon giftcards from zoombucks

^Click image for larger view.

As you can see, I got paid 4 times already from Zoombucks; the last two payments done in January on the 14th and 26th. That’s a total of $20. And I have two more payments requested as well!

Zoombucks has turned out to be a big earner for me since I joined!

Alsothat check I mentioned a while ago for $51.50 from GlobalTestMarket came in the mail this month. Here’s a picture of it. Click on the images if you’d like a full view.

globaltestmarket letter, payment, proof, scam,

globaltestmarket scam, proof of payment, check

This payment from GlobalTestMarket came SOLELY from me doing surveys. A lot of people sometimes comment on my blog saying, “well all the money you make come from referrals, how can I make money without referrals?” If you’re one of those people that think like this, then consider doing surveys for money as a means of earning cash on the internet. Even though this money didn’t take me a week or a month to make, I can tell you that regardless of how long it took, when I got that check in the mail… it definitely made my day!

Little by little, you can do surveys online in your spare time, and earn extra cash just like I did. If you’re looking for more information on GlobalTestMarket, then you can read GlobalTestMarket Survey Panel: Scam Or Legit for my complete review of this site.

So as you can see, all these sites are legit and do in fact pay! If you’d like more info on any of these sites, just use the search function within my blog and you’ll find what you’re looking for!

If you have questions about anything, please do ask. I am very open about the money I make on the internet and where exactly it comes from. I will try my best to answer everyone.

These payments add up to a total of $587.19 and bring my total earnings online to $12,266.53!

Kudos to me for hitting the $12k mark!

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