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I’ve been doing alot of thinking and I have some great plans to further my blogging skills and my earnings online!

Cashcrate has been amazing and I’m still working at increasing my paychecks there, but I’m also thinking of dipping my feet into new waters.

By the way if you haven’t already started making money with Cashcrate it’s not too late! You can CLICK HERE and sign up for free right now! After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome message from me instantly that would get you started on your first check!

Anyway, look out for some new changes to this blog in the upcoming weeks! And I’m not talking more gadgets and widgets.. ;)

I’m going to venture out EVEN MORE into the “making money online” world… off course doing it without spending a cent. After all, I’m trying to make money here, not spend.

I’ll be updating all about it. Which new programs I’m trying. What works and what doesn’t. Want to start earning as well but don’t know where to start? Stay tuned to this blog and see my personal reviews on the sites that I sign up with. That way, you don’t waste your time and sign up for something that’s not legit or doesn’t pay well. You’ve already seen my review of cashcrate and if you’re unsure about how to get started with them, click on the link below to go to one of my older posts about everything you need to know before signing up, AND what’s the next step after you sign up!


I’ve been seeing alot of people doing it, making money online.. and you know what… I can too! And you can too! I mean I’m already making extra cash, but I wanna turn it into alot more! And so should you!

So here goes….. wish me luck :)

PS — Update on my doctor’s visit. I didn’t end up doing an x-ray since he suggested it would be a waste of money and there wasn’t much that could be done even if I did dislocate my tailbone. He said things like that had to heal on its own, and he gave me a prescription for some painkillers. Ughh I hate snow.. and the weather outside today is unbearable. Slushy and icky. Summer… please hurry up!

Also thanks to everyone that wished me well on my injury. Thanks for caring. :)

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

2 Responses to “Thinking of broadening my horizons.”

  1. Good Steward

    Hey, thanks for following my blog! :)

    I look forward the new changes you have in store later about the different programs you want to try. There are lots of sketchy programs out there but I am quite sure you will do your research. I will stay posted!

    Glad you didn’t have to waste money on an x-ray. Hopefully those painkillers and some good ol’ rest will do you lots of good.

    Eh, you are from up north…I don’t know how you all deal with all that snow and still function! I am from North Carolina and we had 6 inches of snow the day Obama was inaugurated. Down here, even if there is 1-2 inches, everything shuts down. No school, no work, no anything except for the grocery stores. Gotta love the South (except for the super hot summers…grrr)!

    Get that rest!

  2. ocean

    hello friend.. neat blog.. i’ll folllow your blog and i hop u too will.. thanx mate.. tak care.. cheers!!!!

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