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Ways To Make Money Online Free!

September 4th, 2016

Are you Googling ways to “make money online free“? I’ve created this blog to show you how to make money online, free, fast, and easy! Contrary to what you’ve probably read before, you do not need to spend any money to make money online. You CAN do it FREE! So here’s the deal, I’ll cut to the chase and post a list of all the sites I’m currently making money on! Now there are alot of other useful posts in this blog, including payment proof, tips, tricks, etc. So be sure to bookmark this page and come back to go through the posts, but for now, you can click the following links and join to start making money with me!

If you do not live in the US (United States), then you’ll probably find more opportunities available to your country in this post: INTERNATIONAL PAID SURVEY SITES list.

Make Money Taking Surveys Online

VINDALE RESEARCH – Earn $5 – $75 per survey or trial offers (requires credit card). Cash out after earning $50 via PayPal or check.

GLOBAL TEST MARKET – Get points for completing surveys, free product trials, etc. and redeem for cash, gift cards, or other merchandise.

PANDA RESEARCH – Earn cash by completing surveys, reading emails, and referring friends and family. Payments made via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month. They’ve paid out $2,109,511 to their members so far! Sign-up bonus of $5.

CASHCRATE.COM – Get paid to complete free and trial offers, daily surveys, play games, watch videos, check in, and several other activities. Minimum cash out set at $20 via check (or direct deposit to silver+ members).

PINECONE RESEARCH – Get paid to complete surveys and try products free. $3 per survey completed. Payments made by check or PayPal.

IPSOS i-Say Panel – Earn points for taking surveys which can be redeemed for cash and other prizes. They also have a loyalty program that gives you extra points depending on how many surveys you take.

SQUISHY CASH – Get paid to complete free and trial offers, daily surveys, play games, click ads, and several other activities. Minimum cash out set at $20. Payments made by check, PayPal, Amazon, etc.

MINDFIELD ONLINE INTERNET PANEL – Take part in surveys for cash rewards. Cashout threshold is just $5 and they pay via PayPal!

SURVEYSAVVY – Get paid cash per survey. No cash out limit. Payments made via check.

Make Money Searching The Internet:
SWAGBUCKS – Earn digital dollars for searching or other activities which can be redeemed for cash, giftcards, and prizes.

GRABPOINTS (formally Zoombucks) – Earn digital dollars for searching or other activities which can be redeemed for giftcards and prizes. Start with 500 points with my invite code – VE4MZ3R

iRAZOO – Use the search engine to search normally, and rate and comment on sites to earn points which can be redeemed for giftcards!

BLINGO – Search and win giftcards and prizes instantly!

Make Money with Social Media:
TSU.CO – Use this site exactly like Facebook and earn money for doing so! Post status updates, share photos, and invite friends to join you and earn a portion of the revenues that tsu makes from advertising on your page.

Make Money Writing Articles Online:
TEXTBROKER – Browse work and choose which assignment you would like to take on. Get paid per article submitted.

HUBPAGES – Earn from Google AdSense, Kontera, and the eBay and Amazon Affiliates program through your hubs.

Make Money Downloading Apps To Your Smartphone:
APPREDEEM – Earn points for apps to your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, which can be redeemed for giftcards or cash via Paypal. Use code “studycafe” for extra points after signing up!

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing:
MAXBOUNTY – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Payments made after earning $50, via PayPal or check, on a NET 15 basis.

SHARE A SALE – Get paid for leads, clicks or sales to various campaigns, products, services, etc. Payments are sent out via Check or Direct Deposit, on the 20th of every month for the previous month’s commission. Minimum cash out set at $50.

Make Money Blogging:
GOOGLE ADSENSE – Get paid based on clicks and impressions of ads placed on your blog or site by Google.

Save Money Shopping Online:
LIVING SOCIAL – Save a lot of money on Daily Deals.

EBATES.COM – Get cash back from shopping at some of your favorite sites.

Search For Jobs Online:
iHIRENOW.COM – Search your area for jobs available.

P.S. This is a sticky post. As in, it will never move. For updates on my earnings, explanations of how these sites work, and other stuff, check the posts under this! :)

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

73 Responses to “Ways To Make Money Online Free!”

  1. thisiseasycash

    Great job! You’ve inspired me even more on my quest to make money online.

  2. trini

    Glad I could be your inspiration.

  3. younis


    first I would like to thank you b/c you care about your site so much.
    then I want to ask you if there is a possible ways for people like me who are from the undeveloped countries that can earn from internet
    I get tired from unuseful & scam ways.
    please if you have e-mail me and I`m ready for any useful work

    thanks again

  4. trini

    Thanks for your comment. I know for people in international countries it is hard to find legit sites, I myself don’t know of any survey site targeted to your country… but with things like Google Adsense .. you can earn money worldwide. But off course it takes more work than just clicking ads or doing surveys … good luck.

  5. Mark

    Need to make money soon or work will kill me. I am 76 and need to be free from working my job. I have no experience and I am trying all I can, But surveys don’t want someone my age, and blogging seems to be hard. I have a web site, but have had only 1 order since April. Can you help in any other way?

  6. trini

    Hey Mark, aw I am sorry to hear your situation. It’s difficult to make a full time income from doing things online, so I am not going to lead you on into believing you can survive from doing surveys. Since you say you have a website, I will encourage you to keep working on it and working on SEO and SEM and keep trying to rank on Google cuz that is the only way you will be able to make a decent income online. Best of luck to you!

  7. Harj

    A Great Busy Site Trini!!

    Woa!! Looks you’ve been working pretty hard…But worth the time
    spent as shown in your earnings!

    I’ll definitely bookmark…and pop back later on!

    All the best,
    Harj :-)

  8. trini

    Thanks, yea I keep trying for better.

  9. kirk forney@aextremewealthmechanism

    Excellent post on the many diverse ways to make money online.

  10. trini

    Thank you kirk.

  11. Jasmin

    I have been trying to do this whole making money online but it just isn’t working out for me like i want it too! maybe i’m inpatient? i’m also starting out with nooo money in the bank, that could be a reason also.

  12. trini

    Hey Jasmine, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been having much success, however like I always stress, this isn’t done over night! It’s easy to make an extra $20 or so a month .. however, if you expect to make hundreds or more… it could take much more time and work as well!

  13. Miranda

    Great list! There are several I have not heard of! Thank you

  14. trini

    @Miranda, you are welcome!

  15. ashley.

    well, I’m 14 & no body is hiring and I’m tired of asking for money from my parents for things so i was just wondering but do these sites really work? cuz i don’t wanna click on them and find out that i actually have to pay money for doing this or not get paid at all. but thanks sooo much if it works! :)

  16. trini

    Hey Ashley, I know exactly how you feel. Yes these sites are legit and do pay and they are 100% free to make money. You won’t become rich but it’s great for some extra cash so might be perfect for you. Let me know if you have questions or need any help getting started.

  17. Muneeb

    hi, i’m currently on PSP at midnight searching to how make money. i found your site and its really awsome, to bad i dont have a credit card because i’m 13.and i just need to know if there is a site where i get money in front of my house without completing surveys. and i have another site to suggest you. its called “” this site will give you facebook credit just by searching hust like google or answering questions.the more points you get, the more facebook credit you’il have

  18. trini

    Hi muneeb, surveys don’t require a credit card if you are under the impression that they do. They are 100% free and you do not have to put in any credit card info. Are you from the US? If so .. cashcrate would be a good place for you to start. There are lots of free ways to earn and the minimum age limit is 13. They also pay by check.

  19. Pennyroll

    Congratulations on your success. This is an excellent list. Thanks.

    My personal favorites right now are OpinionOutpost and Cashcrate but I’ve not yet tried some of these on the list.

    What are your favorites from the list? And, have you tried InboxDollars, I like them as well.

  20. trini

    Thank you!

    My favorite right now has to be the affiliate marketing programs because it’s been my main focus and I’m starting to see a lot more success from it. But I love Cashcrate as well. I have tried InboxDollars in the past but never stuck with it, so never met payout. :/

  21. Pennyroll

    You’re welcome,

    You mentioned that affiliate marketing is your favorite, I’ve been getting into affiliate marketing too. Which affiliate programs do you recommend and how are you going about earning money with them?

  22. trini


    Yes, once you start earning with affiliate marketing, you never want to spend time on anything else! The money you earn is definitely worth the effort you put into it! I was scared myself to get started, but boy am I happy I did! At the moment, I’d recommend MaxBounty, and probably Logical Media even though they take longer to pay. I recommend these because of the type of campaigns I run, and they seem to have many of them. I stick to free stuff/survey sites… some of the other more popular sites like ClickBank and Commission Junction, don’t offer many of these types of campaigns. They mostly offer things to “sell”.. and I don’t really feel comfortable asking people to pay for things that I don’t even know what the heck they are either lol… So those two I mentioned seemed to be doing it for me right now. I earn money by simply working on the traffic to my blog and then placing appropriate campaigns (links, banners, etc) on my blog. I get paid when they do whatever was required by the campaign.

  23. amy

    hi just wondering if you wanted to sign up under me on clickorsignup ive signed up under you for a couple things still checking stuff out lot of sites to go trough lol

  24. trini

    Hey amy! I already have an account on clickorsignup dear. Sorry about that. You just don’t see it on my list cuz I prefer promoting for DCOS instead cuz the benefits are better. So I won’t be able to make a second account there. :)

  25. manju

    i dont have a paypal or account in any online payment processors. so i would like how to make money from home thru programs that pay u by check. can u list such programs. i am from india.

  26. Gary

    Hi Trini
    I’m happy to hear you are doing great with the survey gig! I tried it and became so frustrated with not getting paid and flooded with all these survey companies! I actually paid this company for a list on supposed high paying a-list surveys! I was told I be getting $75 bucks minimum for my opinions but that was just a scam! I tried to get my money back to no avail! I must have completed a couple hundred surveys and never received a dime! This was about 6 months ago and maybe it’s changed now! Most of them I received points and it took so many points to amount to anything I gave up! The cash surveys were so meager and you had to reach a minimum that seemed impossible! You must be much more patient than I! Best of luck!

  27. trini

    Hi Gary, most of my income right now comes from affiliate marketing, however I do complete surveys on several sites still like Pinecone Research and GlobalTestMarket. I’m sorry you had such a hard time with it. Maybe you can give it a try again. I’m not sure with sites you tried before, but I’d be more than willing to give you a tutorial on Cashcrate if you wanted to try there first. Their payout minimum is $20 and yes it takes some effort to reach but it’s not impossible. My first month I made over $50!

  28. trini

    There are quite a few programs that pay via check manju. Just read their TOS and you’ll be able to find such programs. Cashcrate pays via check. So does SquishyCash and several others as well.

  29. Rammesh

    Very useful list of money making site, some of them I didn’t heard of their name also. Thanks for sharing trini.

  30. trini

    @Rammesh, you’re welcome!

  31. Jason

    I have found that a bunch of these work thanks again!!!!

  32. trini

    You’re welcome Jason!

  33. Ant

    Trying to replicate your success in sunny England, my website is a log of my progress. There are not so many opportunties over here but you are proving an inspriation! Many thanks

  34. trini

    Hey Ant! I know it might be hard in foreign countries but it is still possible so keep up the hard work! Glad to be an inspiration!

  35. oddsmanager

    Good success story. However, I find the main problems with many netizens are (1) that many of these useful ways of making money online requires a certain level of skills e.g. writing online which I tried before but soon I ran out of topics. (2) The second problem is many of them require you to be a US citizen in order to participate. Else, you will not be eligible to many of the surveys/tasks available. I still find Get Paid To, as one of the most useful ways to make money for all internationals.

  36. trini

    @oddsmanager, I know there are a few problems when you are an international member.

  37. Demaina

    I always feel like I’m doing something wrong whenever I come look at your page. Of course, you started a while back and I need to understand this isn’t going to come over night but it’s really kinda sad how your numbers kinda dwarf mine.

    I was able to make enough money to help pay for my holiday gifts, so for that I must thank you for enlightening me into how one can make money online. Even though the money is disappearing it’s nice to know I have a way to help replenish it.

    I’m sure you’ve joined more sites then you have listed up there, but you should check out FushionCash, Beezag, and Jingit if you haven’t already. Fushion is similar to CashCrate and Beezag is identical to the video section of CashCrate. Jingit is similar to Beezag but with better rewards in my opinion.

    Anyway, congrats on your hard earned money. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to write about my success story as you have.

  38. trini

    @ Demaina

    Aw thank you and do not feel at all discouraged by my earnings! Yes I did start a while back and I’ve done countless hourssss of work on this blog. Many days and nights worth! For you to earn enough to pay for Christmas presents is a GREAT accomplishment and you should be very proud. It makes me happy that I played some part in inspiring you to earn online! Stories like yours give me the zeal to keep blogging, even when times are tough… Like right now when I’m limited on time.

    Continue working on your blog. Don’t give up!

    I’ll do a few SEO posts soon to help you out…

  39. John

    This is a great informative site. I stopped by here a couple years ago and really liked it. I see you’re doing very well with it. I may have to sign up for some new GPT sites here. Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.

  40. trini


    Thank you. I keep trying to improve my rankings and hopefully with hard work and determination, I will be more and more successful in the future.

  41. Trini

    Is there an email we can send questions to you?


  42. trini

    Yes Brandon, you can email me at

  43. ashley

    what is logical media what do you do and how does it work when I went to sign up i didnt understand the payment part do you have to pay to start? I’m new to working online i started with just doing the common free survey sights and now i would like to really learn how to make more.

  44. trini

    Hey ashley,

    Logical Media is an affiliate company just like Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc. Not sure if you’ve heard of those, they’re the more popular ones. Anyway, here’s a link to a post that has more information on Affiliate marketing.
    How To Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

    That should answer most of your questions. If you have others after reading that post, feel free to contact me! :)

  45. Carla

    I really enjoy taking surveys with Mindfield Online. Its one of my favorite survey panels online. What exactly is Youdata? I’ve noticed it on a few sites but never really looked much into it.

  46. Reanna R

    Hey Carla, I like Mindfield too. I haven’t been getting a lot of time lately to do as many surveys as I’d like but it’s easy to rack up cash there. I’ve heard that they changed their cashout limit though. I have to look into that. Youdata is a Paid to Click site. The easiest that I’ve found, however there aren’t many ads to click unfortunately. You sort of have to log in as often as you can to be lucky to find some. But they pay well and on time!

  47. Sunshyne

    I need to make more money online because I am just truly tired of working extra hours and do not have any time for my family. You inspire me to get out their and start making money online. Thanks so much for the information!

  48. Reanna R

    Go do it!! I totally hear you on the “tired” thing. I seriously want to and HAVE TO dedicate more time to blogging because I’m tired of working myself!! Glad I can inspire you. :)

  49. mypaidsurveysblog

    Thanks for letting us know.I’ve recently joined several surveys from your list.One of the best I’ve found is MyView.This is one of the fastest growing survey site ad the moment.

  50. Reanna R

    You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  51. Reanna R

    Thanks Ian,

    Good luck! Keep aiming for higher and keep trying to increase your earnings by learning more and more each day. Eventually, you’ll build up your earnings to a decent amount without having to do much each month! It’s a great feeling!

  52. Reanna R


    Trial and error is what did the trick for me. Sometimes someone else’s experience is never the same one that you will have so it’s always better to try things on your own in order to decide what’s best for you! Good luck, and feel free to ask questions. I’ll try to help as best as I can.

  53. Jesse Epps

    I like that there are people thinking out of the box trying to tap in to the online business of making money. Yea you said it right trial and error is definitely what lead me to making money online. I tryed the surveys and plenty other things and maybe I wasnt looking in the right places to find the good ones like you express!! But I just wanted to say to everybody don’t give up even if you fail because I’m am now a living testimony that its possible to make money online, I’m doing it right now!!! Take a look if you get a chance

  54. Kris

    Hi Trini thanks for providing the resources to help people make extra money. What are some of the tricks of filling out these surveys qucikly? Thanks.

  55. Allyson

    I’m looking into starting Google Adsense. You mentioned getting paid for impressions; from what I’ve read around forums and such, one will need probably 100 blogs, with thousands of visitors each month to make something remotely decent. The problem most people have is getting traffic. If you have any special advice for that I’m interested :)

  56. Fit Betty

    You mentioned that affiliate marketing is your favorite, I’m looking at it too but until I read your post, I never thought of surveys and free stuff. Thanks for the info.

  57. Chris

    Hi Reanna, I really admire you for making $10,000 online so far. I’m sure you will make even more as time goes by. I just started back making money online.

  58. Reanna R

    Thanks Chris!

  59. Reanna R

    You’re welcome Fit Betty. Yes, there are many legit and free ways one can make money online. It just takes a little research to find the sites and learn from the experience of others. Good luck!

  60. Reanna R

    Hey Allyson, yes you do need a lot of traffic to make a “decent” amount, but you don’t really need THAT many blogs. There are many that make a decent amount from just one blog, but yes, again the problem is traffic. The best advice I have to get more traffic is to do research about SEO and SEM methods and apply those to your blog for a long period of time. Within 6 months to a year, if you’re doing it right.. your blog will rise in rankings for your targeted keywords and your traffic and earnings will increase. Hope that helps!

  61. Reanna R

    @Tony, please contact me via email: makemoneyonlinefree @ hotmail [dot] com, for more information about ad purchases.

  62. Reanna R

    @Kris, I emailed you more information on how to fill out surveys quickly and get them to approve most often.

  63. Irshad

    Hello Trini,

    Awesome site and incredible info!!

    For a beginner, I spend a lot of time on the internet.

    What do you recommend to do in order to receive a lot of cash flow?

    BTW cute photo and are you from Trinidad?

  64. Joyce

    Hi Reanna, Great list! There are many ways to make some money online and you’ve listed most of the best tried and true methods out there. I agree with several of your commentors…to make any of these methods work it takes dedication and time. No matter what you’re told, there reallly are no “get rich overnight” systems. Keep up the blogging Reanna, I’ve bookmarked your site and will enjoy coming back to see what your posting next.

  65. Reanna R


    Yes I am from Trinidad, and thanks!

    Making a lot of money can come from several ways but you need to put in A LOT of time into it and be very patient. I would say blogging and monetizing that blog with affiliate ads, etc., would be the best source of income.. but again, it takes time! Good luck!

  66. Mia

    Just wanted to give you a shout and say thanks for your site! I know you’ve put work into this site, I am still building a site that is similar – money making links, etc.,

    Just wanted to drop you a note and say congratulations! I’ve been at this for years. Made good money years back, then took a break,now things are different and I’m a newbie again!

  67. Lou Thomas

    Hi. Sorry to have to say this but, making money online doing surveys DO NOT WORK!. I know this for a fact because I’ve tried them. It’s a waste time answering surveys because once you complete a survey you get a very “cute” reply saying you do not qualify, therefore you do not get paid. Really neat, dirty little trick they use to get the information they want without having to pay for it!. Then there are survey companies that offer only points, or prizes, or sweepstakes entries, that is a load of BS, people do these surveys to earn cash. I do not, and will never recommend surveys as a means of making money online.

  68. Reanna R

    Hi Lou,

    I’m sorry you feel this way. I agree that you cannot make a lot of money doing surveys. It’s like I always say, if you could get rich doing it, or even earn a living, everyone would do it. Heck, I would quit my job this second! But you CAN earn some extra cash. And yes, you don’t always qualify for every survey, but there are sites that send you surveys that you have already pre-qualified for (such as Pinecone Research), where you are guaranteed payment once you complete the survey. I hope you give it a try again some day.

  69. Wayne

    Hi Reanna!

    Nice roundup of opportunities you have here. Very useful.

    Just FYI, CloudCrowd is currently temporarily unavailable due to an issue with its third-party developer.

    From a Bajan to a Trini

    One Love!

  70. Michelle

    Hi I wanted to say thank you and also let you know I clicked on the your data link and kept getting a “404 not found” so I googled and found it that way and just signed up , then I copy and pasted your whole link and got your your data site sign up referral name and just put your name in for you referring me ! :) don’t want you to miss out on credit etc for referring us all to ways to make free money online , what you do is much appreciated !! Take care !

  71. Reanna R

    Hi Michele,

    Aw thank you. That was really sweet of you to take those extra steps. I do admit I need to update this blog quite a bit (which is why I’m online now on my day off to do just that). Thanks again and happy making money! Come back soon and update me on your progress!

  72. Reanna R

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for stopping by! I definitely need to update this blog! It’s been too long. Life got super hectic for me and my blog sorta fell to the side unfortunately!

    Thanks again! One love!!

  73. Reanna R

    Hi Mia!

    I’m about to be in the same boat! I haven’t blogged for a couple of years and I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Everything is so different in the MMO world! But hopefully we can pick up where we left off! Good luck to us both. Thanks for stopping by!

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