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make money online extra income Won’t we all love to be able to make a living online? Make enough money online so that we could all quit our 9 to 5 day jobs and stay at home with our families and loved ones? It sounds like a dream come true… and to some, like John Chow and Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker, it probably has been!

However, today, after reading some “awakening” news online, I am here to emphasize why making money online should only be an additional income. By this, I mean that you should not depend on the money you “might” earn online to pay for the everyday needs of life. You should ALWAYS have a back-up plan. In other words, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job!”

Now, for many people who are already stay at home parents or are unable to work at a real job outside of their homes for whatever reason, working from home and making money online might sound like the perfect solution. And so it might be… but they should still be aware that nothing is guaranteed online, and while you might make several hundreds or even thousands this month, you are not sure about having those same earnings the following month.

Anyway, recently, there has been a recent change in Google’s algorithm, and many sites have been affected. For those that don’t know what this means; “Google’s algorithm” is the ‘formula’ Google uses to rank sites in their search results. It’s the difference between a site ranking #1 and #10 for the same keywords. There are a lot of theories about this formula Google uses, but no one knows for sure exactly what it is. It is said that backlinks play a major role, however, it is definitely not the only factor that determines the SERP (search engine ranking position) of a site on Google.

Some of these sites affected by this change, include eZine Articles, Suite101, Associated Content, Free Downloads Center, Essortment, American Towns, Article Base, Find Articles,,,, BizRate,, Squidoo, and Hub Pages.

That’s quite a few sites, but there are even more that’s taken a hit. Answer sites like and Mahalo has been cutting costs, which sometimes means laying off workers, and decided to shut down for good. Most of the people that worked on these sites were freelancers, working from home. I am sure several of them even depended on this income to pay bills and put food on their table. Now, all because of a simple tweak on Google’s end, they no longer have this income.

For example, a personal friend of mine was making about $300 per week on LiveWork answering questions! That is almost similar to a full time salary you would earn from a regular 9 to 5 job! However, because this site decided to close down for good, giving their members less than 24hrs notice, my friend is now forced to search for other means of making this income. This is never easy. My friend is a stay at home mom, so this is by no means hear fault! She simply decided to use her spare time at home, while taking care of her kids, to earn some extra money, which is commendable on her behalf. Luckily, she still has her husband who makes a stable income outside of the home, so they won’t starve at least. This was simply her “extra cash”.

Whereas, if someone realized that they were making $300 a week from LiveWork, and decided to quit their job and do it “full time”… because the income was sufficient to cover their bills, then they would probably be shitting their pants right about now, because they would be out of a job.

These changes do not only affect manual workers who contribute to these sites, but because some of us bloggers depending Google’s rankings for traffic… or even have backlinks on some of these article sites mentioned, like Ezine and Squidoo, it can directly or indirectly affect our rankings, traffic, and ultimately, our earnings.

For example, let’s say your blog or website ranked #1 on Google for the term “make money online” (without quotations) and for some strange reason, or change by Google, they decide that your site does not deserve to be #1 anymore and so they move you down to page 5… or even worst, they ban your site altogether from their search results! Sounds too drastic? Well it’s not! It has happened before, where Grizzly Brears, owner of the popular, which held the #1 position for “make money online” (without the quotation marks) on Google for quite a few years, simply vanished from the search results… or the top ones at least! Grizzly’s explanation, was that with some experimenting on his blog, he unintentionally triggered Google’s spam bot, and so his blog got marked as spam and removed from the search results. He didn’t do anything wrong, per say, but so it is with the big “G”! At a moment’s notice, they can find a “fault” and do as they please and ban your blog from their search results and there really is nothing you can do about it. Who will you complain to? Even though this blog made Grizzly quite a decent income, and I’m sure it made Google some money as well since he did use Adsense, Google just didn’t seem to care!

In case you’re wondering, Grizzly never got his site back to position #1, but he has moved to his own namesake domain and continues to teach others about Internet Marketing. He is quite a good teacher too, so I do recommend you check him out if you’re willing to learn. He has also backed up all his posts from his “Make Money Online for Beginners” blog there, so you’ll have lots to read.

Anyway, my point today is, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”. And perhaps, I sorta should be taking my own advice since this is my only money making blog, however, I just really don’t have the kind of time and effort to put into making another one right now. While it is a great thing to make money online in your spare time, you must take it with stride and know that nothing lasts forever. At the same rate you make the money, you can also lose it all in a split second. Be prepared for the consequences of BOTH situations.

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Reanna R

About Reanna R

My real name is Reanna but around the web, especially in the MMO (make money online) world, I'm referred to as TriNi. On this blog, I aim to teach people that it CAN be done; that there are legit and 100% free ways to make money online.

12 Responses to “Why Making Money Online Is A Good Additional Income ONLY!”

  1. pam

    There is a new site that is way better than ChaCha or KGB. Reliable and Accurate answers. Their new site is supposed to go live next week. They are called Ask J & P and their great! I love them!

  2. trini

    Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t heard of them before but I will check them out!

  3. Traci Bell - Home Jobs

    Hi Trini,
    I just ran into your blog and I have enjoyed your posts. I wish I could agree with you on this, but I for one will say that I make more money from home than I ever did with a typical outside job.
    I used to feel the same way about working at home, but over the last couple of years and some intense research, I found many real ways to earn a decent income at home. I now place these opportunities on my site at
    So you may wonder how I do it. I don’t just do one job at home- I would get burned out.
    My sources of income include working as a Search Engine Evaluator for Lionbridge. I would breach my contract if I stated the pay, but it is very decent. In addition, I earn increasing income from the adsense on my site, I write content for many of the sites listed on my site, I do courthouse research, mystery shops, and merchandising. This seems like a lot, but I rotate a lot of this and I bring in a regular income that will allow me and my husband to purchase a home at the end of the year. He works outside of the home in the evenings and also does merchandising part time. Come check out what I have.

  4. trini

    @Traci, that’s great you are able to make a decent income online! Yes I understand where you are coming from in that it is definitely possible! I never said it was impossible. However, I just wouldnt recommend to a newbie to think that they could do it without a year or two of experimenting. I’m sure it took you a while before you realized what mix of ways to make money worked for you! I will check out your site as well. I’m always looking for new ways to earn. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Traci Bell - Home Jobs

    It sure does take a while to learn the ropes but for people who really need to work at home, it is very possible. I think people get discouraged easily because of so many scams and it is important to know how to conduct a proper search using better keywords than “work at home” and similar keywords. These are very general and highly competed for keywords. While legitimate websites are competing for these keywords, there are that many more scammers trying to get people’s attention too. Unfortunately too many people give up and think work at home is always going to require paying for a busines kit.

  6. trini

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. One thing I’m sure glad about is that I haven’t quit! I also learned early on that most people are lazy. They want to make millions in a short period of time with the click of a button and making money online just doesn’t work that way.

  7. Pennyroll

    While I agree Google has the power for the most part. I don’t think one can say “Making money online is only a good additional income” Simply because there are so many different ways to make money online.

    I do agree with you that a person trying to earn money online shouldn’t quite there job thinking they will make money right away I still think it’s quite possible to earn a full time income online.

    A few of the sites listed on the article regarding the change in the Google algorithm, ie. e zine articles and associated content. I usually bounce from because most of the content is junk.

    Just out of curiosity have you noticed any change in your ranking since the change?

    I hope this doesn’t sound harsh in any way I just don’t want people to be discourage from trying.

  8. trini

    It’s not harsh at all! I appreciate your input and yes I see your point. I wasn’t trying to discourage anyone at all, in fact, I attempt to do quite the opposite here on my blog with every single post. Showing that it is possible to make money online, because I am doing it. However, too often I hear complaints from people that they aren’t making enough money fast enough, and that’s all I try to show proof of in this post. That many times, the internet is unpredictable and you cannot rely on it to get rich. And to answer your question, I have actually had an increase in my rankings! However, I can’t say if it’s the Google change or not because I’ve also been doing more and more work on my blog on a daily basis this summer… so I’d like to think my hard work is what had that effect in my rankings.

  9. Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

    I’ll have to agree with Traci it does take a while to learn the tricks on how to make money online, but with patience and hard work anyone can make money online. Just a quick tip for newbie– REMEMBER the important thing to know when you begin is that there are a lot of sites out there making promises to you of unrealistic “immediate success and riches”. Do not get fooled into wasting money on these scams!

  10. trini

    That’s very true! Anything that promises that you’ll get rich over night is usually a scam. Making money online takes hard work and a lot of it!

  11. Tara

    Making money online can be difficult sometimes and most of the times require some patience, but the payoff can be great! True enough, it’s not something you should immediately rely on as a primary income, but with enough trial and error and time online earnings can take the place of a regular job. Thanks so much for your blog, Trini, this is great!

  12. trini

    Hey Tara,

    Thanks, and yes it does take a lot of trial and error and reading and learning and research and all that stuff.. and few people are willing to do that, but those that are can learn a lot and make some good passive income from online, and yes, in time, it can definitely replace a job! There was one point I was making more from my blog than I did from my job… but thank God that didn’t make me quit my job because things can change so quickly! The Google Panda update seems to have affected many people and so many big time marketers that were making a lot of money, have found a drop in their earnings as well.

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